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Maker ~ Christian Descoteaux ~ Providence

Artist name: Christian Descoteaux
Shop name: Christian Thomas Designs

Our work: 
We are a design/build company with a focus on building furniture and furnishings, from reclaimed and sustainable materials.

2.The story on how I came up with my name.
When Christian was about 15 years old, he would draw out designs, that he later spray paint on dirt bike helmets. That led to coming up his own signature for these designs he would create. Initially, he was thinking CTD, his initials, but then after a bit if brain storming , it evolved into CTDesigns. Fast forward 5-6 years, Christian had to register as a contractor and had to come up with a name. He still loved the idea of CTDesigns, but decided that Christian Thomas Designs sounded and felt more complete and polished.

3.How I became a professional Designer? Crafter?
Christian grew up in th…

Makers ~ Mark Baker & Leigh Medeiros ~ Exeter

Artist’s name: Mark Baker + Leigh Medeiros
Shop name: Rhode Island Rustic
Blog: same

1. Tell us about your work: 
We make sustainable home goods and decor that are unique to Rhode Island's geography and culture. Mark is a carpenter, and uses reclaimed pallets and found branches for our trays, phone docks, benches, altar tables, and hooks. I use indigo dye, which is plant-based and therefore more eco-friendly, to create eye-catching "ocean blue" designs on tea towels, napkins, pillows, table runners, scarves, and more.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business? 
We wanted "Rhode Island" in the name because when we first launched we were just making the wood products and all of the wood was found locally. Also, we want to sort of elevate the word "rustic" to be more aesthet…

Events ~ Craftopia ~ Providence

CRAFTOPIA, enjoy the holidays, shop early!
Who: Rhody Craft is a fun, colorful shop that sells a carefully curated, eclectic collection of locally handmade art and craft, many with a Rhode Island tilt, and much more. Rhody Craft also produces CRAFTOPIA, an exciting, juried craft show every November.

What: CRAFTOPIA! kicks off the holiday season for the seventh consecutive year at Hope Artiste Village in ­Pawtucket RI. CRAFTOPIA!, is the area’s premier single-day, art and craft event, showcasing unique, ­locally handmade goods. CRAFTOPIA! is known for its festive atmosphere and the quality of it’s 60+ juried ­vendors from around New England. The event makes available a varied collection of fun, high-quality, hand-made goods including jewelry, clothing, handbags, bath and body, baby accessories, fine arts and always something unexpected.

There will be food trucks outside and hot coffee inside, so enjoy the holidays and shop early at CRAFTOPIA! Admission is just a buck and kids are admitt…

Events ~ And One for the Pot ~ South Kingstown and Newport


And One for the Pot: Tea & Treason, A Living History Talk  Presented in partnership with the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum,  The Newport Historical Society and South County History Center 
Newport, RI – August 2016 – The Newport Historical Society and South County History Center have partnered with the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to present a living history program, And One for the Pot: Tea & Treason, that will be offered twice in different locations this fall.

Costumed interpreters will offer a peak into the past as they portray upper-class residents in 1770s Rhode Island to explore tea brewing, tea etiquette and the place of tea in colonial America, along with the influence of politics on this popular practice.

And One for the Pot: Tea & Treason takes place on Saturday, September 24, 2016, in South Kingstown, RI, and again on Thursday, October 13, 2016, in Newport, RI. Details are as follows:

South Kingstown, RI hosted by the South County H…

Makers ~ Kate Martin ~ East Bay

Artist’s name: Kate Martin
Business name: Kate Martin Jewelry
Email address:

1. Tell us about your work
My primary medium is silver. Copper, bronze, and brass are incorporated for accents. I take pride in personally making the sterling silver ear wires, the glass beads (flamework) and cabochons (kiln fired glass), hammering and forming the mixed metal earrings and necklace pieces to achieve one of a kind designs. Other methods that I use, are etching and lost wax casting. Mixing techniques and metals provides so many possibilities for jewelry designs.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business?
I toyed with different business names, but “Kate Martin Jewelry,” seemed to work best for me

3. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I actually started out working in clay. However, after numerous weeklong courses at Snow Farm ( Williamsburg, MA) and metals classes at RISD, I was hooked on jewelry making. I’v…