Dining ~ Little Rhody Cafe

Little Rhody Cafe
5 Day St.
Providence, Rhode Island

You wouldn't know it was there if you didn't make a quick right onto Day Street to avoid the Killingly Street/Manton Ave. intersection traffic. Little Rhody Cafe is a small almost-shed of a place, right next to Little Rhody Hot Dogs. This is their retail cafe, and they serve breakfast and lunch.

Think you don't know Little Rhody Hot Dogs? You do. They're served in N.Y. System wieners, and all over the area. You can even buy them in bulk right from the manufacturer.

Little Rhody cafe exterior

We stopped in for Sunday morning brunch a couple of weeks ago. It's a no-frills place, and the staff have a comfortable, casual relationship with the regulars - and there are plenty of regulars. Everyone was friendly, and the owner was there to make the rounds. He told me his family has been making Little Rhody hotdogs, wieners and sausages for more than four generations. The cafe has been around since about 2001.

We had breakfast. C and I had sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, and Bear had her beloved Monte Cristo. Everything was served quickly, satisfying and tasty. We definitely plan to stop back. And I'll be picking up some German Snappers for barbecue season.


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