Events ~ St. Patrick's Day Parade, Pawtucket

We came across Pawtucket's St. Patrick's Day parade completely by accident. I was dragging an unenthusiastic Bear to the Pawtucket Library to hear a Rhody author speak about his book on the history of our fair state...but as we exited the car, Bear was sure she heard band music.

Upon further exploration, we discovered the parade and watched from the sidewalk near City Hall.

Pawtucket St. Patrick's Day parade

I don't know who this group is...sadly, several of the groups we saw didn't carry a banner. But this young lady led her troupe like a queen on progress.

Unicyclers at Pawtucket St. Patrick's Day parade

A group of unicyclists from the parade. I think Bear got most excited about this group, which I find amusing. Bear likes unicycles.


There were the obligatory bagpipers (at least two companies, maybe more) as well as clowns and pistol-firing pirates.

DSCF1082    DSCF1080
Shriner's Clown    Pirate ~ Pawtucket St. Patrick's Day parade
and lots more.

It was a fun surprise, and a nice reminder of how much I like parades.


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