Sights ~ Edgewood Yacht Club, Cranston

Edgewood Yacht Club
3 Shaw Ave.
Cranston, Rhode Island

I was so sad to hear that the historic Edgewood Yacht Club was lost in a fire on Jan. 12.  EYC was one of the first places I visited (discovered quite by accident as I was driving around exploring) after moving to Rhode Island. A member kindly invited me in as his guest and I had the chance to look around the building and walk out onto the docks. In fact, the first photo I ever sold was of some boats moored there:

The yacht club itself was incorporated in 1889, and the original building was constructed in 1903-04. After it burned down, the current (former) clubhouse was built.

Edgewood was the oldest yacht clubhouse in the state. It was built in 1908 by architects Murphy, Hindle and Wright, and was the last surviving of its type, once common in the region. EYC club members played an integral role in the sport of yacht racing in Narragansett Bay.

The wooden structure burned quickly in the early morning hours of Jan. 12, 2011, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Although I hear there are plans to rebuild the clubhouse, I think it's unlikely the new structure would be identical, due to cost considerations. It's too early to know much, but we wish the club members and employees well.


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