Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anchors Aweigh ~ My Seagoing Adventure

My dad and I have birthdays close together, his in late September, and mine in early October. This year we decided to take each other (and my Mom) on a sail around Newport Harbor.

We chose Cruise Newport's schooner Madeleine. They sail out of Bowen's Wharf.

Madeleine is 72 feet long, has a wood hull, two masts, 2,000 feet of sail area, and seats 49.  Also? Topless figurehead.

Although it was overcast, the weather cooperated while we were underway. The cruise took us around Newport Harbor, while the knowledgeable crew pointed out views you can only get from the water.

We passed any number of boats, including some World Cup competitors, and this wood hulled beauty.

We also saw Hammersmith Farm, where Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis summered as a child, Castle Hill Inn, Fort Adams, Pell Bridge, and lots of other architectural, landscape, and historical places, all in an over-too-soon 90 minutes.

It was a great trip, and would be even better on a clearer day (with a better camera than the one in my phone). My parents are still talking about how much they enjoyed it.

Camera, hat, sunscreen/glasses, and binoculars recommended.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Makers ~ Samantha Davidson ~ East Providence

Artist’s name: Samantha L. Davidson
Shop name: This Crooked Crown Witchery & Curiosities
Website: thiscrookedcrown.com
Blog: thiscrookedcrown.com
Twitter: @crookedcrown
Facebook: facebook.com/thiscrookedcrown
Pinterest: pinterest.com/thecrookedcrown
Instagram: instagram.com/thiscrookedcrown
Tumblr: tumblr.com/thiscrookedcrown

1. Tell us about your work
My shop is centered around magical and mystical arts. I do tarot readings and divination as well as provide various spiritual and magical tools for practitioners and the curious.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business?
It's kind of a long, convoluted story. Let's just say it starts with a mischievous spirit and ends in the woods.

3. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer? 
Mostly I developed my skills through routine practice over the last twenty years. The products I sell are all things I've used for myself over the years.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from everything but stories and fairy tales in particular. I love a good story and I like to create stories with my products - or help my clients write their own stories.

5. What’s your favorite item to create? 
Probably spell bottles or magical cords. They're magical and spiritual items that can pass as everyday jewelry so they can be really fun.

6. What’s your best seller? 
Tarot readings about love, hands down. People always want to know about their love life!

7. How long have you been in Rhode Island? 
I was born and raised here, mostly along the bay.

8. What do you {heart} about Rhode Island? 
The weather. That's pretty weird to say considering it changes every five minutes but it's what I miss the most when I'm away.

9. Favorite place to take out-of-towners? 
Crescent Carousel in East Providence or Newport. I grew up in Riverside so the Carousel has a lot of memories for me and out-of-towners are always wicked impressed by it and Newport is a sure bet.

10. Any advice for new/wannabe makers? 
Don't give up! Following one's passion is definitely a labor of love but it's so worthwhile when it pays off.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Press release ~ 2016 Fine Furnishings Show ~ Pawtucket


Karla Little – Show Owner
Fine Furnishings Shows

The 21st Annual Fine Furnishings Show – New England Region
Announces Judges and New Focus for the Best in Show Awards

TIVERTON, RI (October 11, 2016) – KL Communications and Rockler Woodworking and Hardware are pleased to announce that Philip C. Lowe and Rachel Arroyo will be the esteemed judges for the 21st Annual New England Fine Furnishings Show – Best in Show Awards.

Lowe is the owner and director of the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts and has been involved with woodworking since 1968. He is the author of many articles and is featured in videos with Fine Woodworking Magazine. His teaching experience includes ten years (1975 -1985) as an instructor at Boston’s North Bennett Street School and as the department head for the latter five. Lowe has been a visiting instructor, seminar speaker and demonstrator at various trade schools, private schools, woodworking organizations and national museums throughout the United States and Canada. Since 1985, he has operated a furniture making and restoration shop in Beverly, MA, producing work for the private sector and museums throughout North America. In 2005 Lowe received the Cartouche Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, and was also chosen in 2010 for the "Artisanship Award" bestowed by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America.

Arroyo is the editor of Home Remodeling South Coast, Cape & Islands, South Shore, a magazine she has been with for 10 years. In addition, she has written for many of Lighthouse Media Solutions print publications—a diverse set of titles ranging from regional lifestyle magazines to special-interest, niche print publications such as New England Golf & Leisure and Southern New England Weddings, as well as Home Remodeling South Coast, Cape & Islands, South Shore’s sister publication, Southern New England Home. When she is not at the office, you can find her scouring the region for unique home remodeling projects or practicing her photo-stylist skills at photo shoots.

An exciting change in the awards program this year is the focus on New Product Debuts. Lowe and Arroyo will be selecting winners in five award categories, including a student award and the coveted Marc Harrison Award for Marketing Excellence. KL Communications wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the new work that exhibitors are introducing to their collections. “The focus of the awards program on new product debuts is our way of supporting the growth and development of our exhibitors and their creative process. We want to encourage them to keep innovating, exploring new materials, trying new techniques and honing their skills,” says Show Owner Karla Little.

Join our community on Facebook - www.facebook.com/finefurnishingsfinecraftshows
 - to learn more about this year’s award winners and our other talented exhibitors. This is where you will find our latest news, product debuts and get a glimpse into the daily life of some of our exhibitors. Show your support for annual shows offering American made, handcrafted furniture & accessories!