Rhody artists ~ Hanami Gallery

Hanami Gallery
Providence, Rhode Island

Bear and I ran into Sarah of Hanami Gallery at the Providence Arts Festival last June. We were excited to talk with her about her work.

Hanami Gallery
Sarah and her fiance at the Hanami Gallery booth

Sarah has degrees in Economics and Mathematics, and worked as a financial analyst before discovering kanzashi while on vacation in Japan. She taught herself the art and now sells her creations on her website, at art fairs and on Etsy. Her designs show a great appreciation for color both in the accessories and the greeting cards she makes.

Bear loves the Tsunami Kanzashi (hair ornaments made of sculpted pieces of silk).

inspired by lilies on a pond (photo from hanamigallery.com)

I really like the floral print crane ornament on her Etsy shop right now:
photo: hanami gallery on etsy

Sarah takes custom orders as well as pre-designs, and is a member of Arts in Rhode Island. I'm seriously considering that crane.


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