Sights ~ Skating in Kennedy Plaza, Providence

Bank of America City Center
Kennedy Plaza

Kennedy Plaza skating rink

The Bank of America Ice Rink is located in Kennedy Plaza, smack between Providence City Hall and the Federal Courthouse. I had taken Bear and her cousin there to skate on New Years Eve, and they had a great time, so this past weekend we went back.

The weather was gorgeous. You wouldn't expect to be able to skate outdoors when it's 60+ degrees outside, but skate she did. You can see where the direct sunlight was making the ice a bit mushy, and they had to block it off for awhile.

Skaters of all ages and abilities are on the ice, so there's no need to feel self-conscious or uneasy getting out there. Skate rental is available too, if you don't want to bring your own. The cost is reasonable, and you can buy season passes to bring the per-visit cost down even further. I think that will be our option for next year.

The last day for skating this season is March 21. You can bet we'll be back one more time before then!


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