The egg test

Bear and I went to the South Kingstown Winter Farmer's Market. While we were there we saw our very first goose eggs. We were very impressed by the size and weight of the eggs, and the vendor told us they are equivalent to 2-3 chicken eggs. Naturally, we had to try this exotic thing.

Goose egg vs. chicken egg
We decided to cook two goose eggs and two chicken eggs.

The yolks in the goose eggs were bigger than a whole chicken egg! We decided to do a taste comparison, and made a basic egg-and-milk-only scramble out of the goose egg and another of the chicken eggs.

Scrambled goose and chicken eggs
Goose on the left, chicken on the right

The goose eggs cooked up a brighter yellow than the chicken eggs, and it really did size up about 3-1. The goose eggs tasted a bit stronger, a little more thick than chicken eggs, but really so similar that if we weren't doing a side-by-side test, we probably wouldn't have known the difference.

We had a ridiculous amount of fun doing this. We're so easily entertained.


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