Shop Local ~ A visit to Elegant Reflections salon, Cranston

Elegant Reflections
2224 Plainfield Pike
Cranston, Rhode Island

Hairdressers either love me or hate me. I let my hair grow until it irritates me by either getting in my way or becoming unruly, or I just get tired of it. Then I show up at the salon.

Here's how the conversation usually goes:

Stylist: "How would you like your hair cut?"

Me: "Well, the curl is natural, which makes it unruly. I'm tired of the length. I'd like a cut that flatters the shape of my face, but I'm a wash-and-go person. I don't want to put any effort into maintaining it. Also, after a new haircut, I tend to go back to get the cut trimmed for maybe 2-6 months, then I get tired of all that and let it grow out for a couple of years. So I need something will grow out well."

Stylist: " would you like your hair cut?"

Me: "You're the expert. Surprise me."

Timid stylists tend to trim, or maybe take off a couple of inches. One stylist gave me a fun, short, edgy style that got lots of compliments. Often the stylist will ask "do you trust me?" Honey, I wouldn't be sitting with my back to you while you've got a sharp pair of scissors at my neck if I didn't trust you.

Andrea at Elegant Reflections was one of the stylists who started out timid, but when she understood that I really wanted her to be creative, she had fun with it. She started out saying "I don't want to take off too much." I told her "I'm looking for a change. I'm not worried about losing length. It grows back."

She really came through. My hair looks and feels great. It's a real boost. I feel like I look younger. Bear asked if I was losing weight! I'm very happy with the cut, and will happily recommend Andrea to anyone who wants a stylist who has a good eye not only for hair but for how it impacts your overall look, and fits in with your lifestyle.

A big thanks to Laura, the aesthetician who did my eyebrows, too. She did a great job, is knowledgeable about skin and a pleasure to talk with. Since I used to work with dermatologists, it's easy to tell when someone's selling a line rather than knowledgeable.


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