Sights ~ Foster Public Library, Foster

Foster Public Library
184 Howard Hill Rd.
Foster, Rhode Island

Near the Town Hall and Town House, atop a gently sloping hill, is a little red schoolhouse. It's adorable. Too small for realistic modern use, you'd think it was a museum. No, it's the Foster Public Library.

Foster LIbrary

The library was converted from a one-room schoolhouse (Foster Center School), and an addition was added in 1970. The librarians pointed out the two doors on the former front of the building: one for girls and one for boys. The chalkboards are still on the walls, and you can even ring the bell, rightly housed in the children's area.

Foster Library

Although the architecture is very 1800s, the library itself is right in step with the times. There are computer classes, an active children's program and a blog. It was a fun find, and really spurred the Bear's enthusiasm.


  1. I'm a confirmed bookworm and library lover and I also work at another charming library here in RI. I've visited libraries all over the world and one goal I have is to visit all the public libraries in RI. I haven't been to the one in Foster yet, but it sure looks charming. Thanks for posting the picture.


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