Sights ~ Foster Town House, Foster

Foster Town House
180 Howard Hill Rd.
Foster, Rhode Island

Foster Town House

On the first sunny day in Spring, Bear and I took off on a road trip to Foster, taking advantage of the extra hour of daylight. Our first stop was Foster Town House.

Built in 1796 and still in use for town meetings, Foster Town House is the oldest town building in continuous use in the United States, according to Visit Rhode Island.

At first, I thought this building was Town Hall, however Foster Town Hall is next door. The Town Building is used for meetings, etc., but doesn't house the town government.

The building was locked by the time we got there, but I was able to snap a shot of the inside through the window.

Foster Town House - interior

For some reason, I found being able to look into one window and see all the way through the building and out the other side to be fascinating.

Foster Town House - window detail

The bunting adds a nice touch, and the candles in the windows are charming.


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