Sights ~ Octogon House, Georgiaville (Smithfield)

Octogon House

Bear and I stumbled across this great octogon house while out on a fall foliage drive over the weekend. I haven't seen it on any list of sights to see, but it seemed very unusual to me, and worth stopping to photograph.

An architect friend of mine was able to identify the style and give me some information:

"The style was popular from about 1850-1870, but there were probably only a few thousand built and, of those, few remain. A guy named Orson Fowler is credited with popularizing them, although Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest is one of the better known and was designed and built in the early 1800s. Most are on the east coast."

After digging a little, I discovered this is building is called the J.S. Sweet octagon house, built circa 1865. I haven't yet found any information on J.S. Sweet, however.


  1. That's cool! I have never seen this before. So unusual, I'd love to see the interior!

  2. Very neat. I love discovering unique architecture. I bet the local library/historical society of that town would have some info. on Mr. Sweet.


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