Monday, February 22, 2010

Events ~ The RI Flower Show, Providence

Rhode Island Flower Show
RI Convention Center
Providence, Rhode Island

My older daughter was out for a visit this weekend, which is why the blog has been rather silent. However, we weren't silent. We were busy exploring the Rhode Island Flower Show.

The Flower Show is an annual event held at the Rhode Island Convention Center, and has been around for nearly 20 years. The focus this year was on organic gardening, and they had demonstrations, lectures and activities for all ages.

The show featured a theme garden competition called "Timeless Gardens." The entries were very impressive. Below are some of my favorites.

Tranquil Reflections: Kevin Fox, Ray Thayer Chris Seger, Jan Irwin
Tranquil Reflections: Kevin Fox, Ray Thayer Chris Seger, Jan Irwin

Harmony: Samantha & Neil Best
Harmony: Samantha & Neil Best by boliyou

Metamorphosis: Michelle Sousa
Metamorphosis: Michelle Sousa

There were some extraordinary floral arrangements as well:

vegetable arrangement
Including one of vegetables

floral arrangement

This is one of a set of tiny (note the needle and thimble for scale) arrangements:
Mini arrangement

There was live jazz...
Jazz Duet

Also fun, but very confusing to me, was a group of sand sculptures. I don't really associate sand (however beautifully sculpted) with flowers or gardens. Perhaps a seaside garden.
The Times they are a'changin - sand sculpture

Naturally there were vendors of all types. We tried a dozen or more herbal dip recipes and bought a few home with us. We also signed up for the Caitlin Raymond International bone marrow donor registry.

We left footsore but highly entertained. It's definitely a good time, especially if you like flowers or gardening, but even if you're just there for the aesthetic.


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