Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sights ~ Civil War Monument ~ Providence

The Civil War (or Soldier and Sailors) Memorial is located in Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence.

Civil War memorial

It was built in 1866-1871 by the architect Alfred Stone, under commission of prominent Rhode Island citizens including General Ambrose Burnside. The sculptor was Randolph Rogers, and was sculpted in Rome, then moved to Munich and assembled in Providence by the architect.

Civil War memorial statue

The sculpture depicts an armored female figure called "America Militant," her right hand extended with a wreath of laurels and her left hand holding a wreath of immortelles. The smaller statues below her represent the infantry, cavalry, artillery, and naval service. On the base is also a listing of Rhode Island Civil War men. Between the base projections bas-reliefs protray War, Victory, Peace, and History.


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