Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nightlife ~ LOST premiere party at McFadden's, Providence

52 Pine St.
Providence, Rhode Island

I met the Newcomers to the Providence Area Meetup Group at McFadden's for a LOST premiere party last week. McFadden's is a sports bar/saloon/restaurant, with plenty of televisions around the bar, a couple of video games in the back and lots of interesting memorabilia on the walls. It also has lots of dark wood and glass. There were a couple of families with small children having dinner when I arrived. Later in the evening, they hosted live music. Unfortunately, I once again forgot to bring my camera. Before the party started, I stopped at the main bar and tried their Bailey's Mintini, which was good, and very sweet. Note to self: this is a dessert drink.

photo: McFadden's

There's a back room for special parties, which is where our party was located. The back room has a small bar (not in use for us), and wait staff were in and out regularly. They were very friendly and welcoming. We were able to watch and enjoy the show with much less background noise, and it really was a lot of fun. People who have followed the show from the beginning mingled with people who watch occasionally, or haven't watched at all and just wanted to get out of the house for the evening. Everyone had a good time, using commercial breaks to discuss what had just happened, and how it fit in with the show's history and mythology. The wait staff was really good about not interrupting during programming, while still being attentive. Overall, the Meetup group and McFadden's were a good combination.

As far as food, they have a full menu. I tried the skewer appetizers, which were excellent. Love the peanut dipping sauce!


Annie said...

What fun. I loved LOST until half way through last season. Then I dropped it. Now I am rediscovering it all over again. Yay LOST.

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