Saturday, April 30, 2011

Events ~ TweetHop ~ Pawtuxet Village

A TweetUp is a gathering of social media aficionados; the opportunity to meet face-to-face with people you may only know through their Twitter or Facebook feeds. My good friend Kathie of @carloverkat and I try to organize one every few months, and our most recent one took place in Pawtuxet Village in coordination with Friends of Pawtuxet Village.

Pawtuxet Village street

It was a lot of fun! We worked well in advance with many of the Village businesses, and were able to have many of them participate:

O'Rourke's Bar and Grille
Powers Pub
Basta Italian Restaurante
Water's Edge Cafe
Little Falls Bakery & Cafe

Retail Stores:
RiversEdge Flowers & Gifts
Twice Told Tales
Village Arts and Antiques
Innisfree Bodyworks

All of the shops stayed open to accommodate the participants, and we created a punch-card with all the business names on it. Attendees got a stamp for each business they visited, and at the end of the night, they turned in their punch cards. For every five business stamps, they drew a five-card poker hand.

Many of the businesses provided gift cards or baskets to use as prizes, and the highest poker hands won.

Businesses we visited reported a great turn-out, and we saw visitors from out-of-town as well as locals. It was a lot of fun to go in and check out the different shops and eateries, too. It's also so nice to finally meet Twitter and Facebook buddies face-to-face!

Since Kathie and I worked registration, we had less time to visit the businesses, and didn't get to nearly as many as we would have liked, but I was charmed and impressed by the ones we saw.

Our first stop was Libations, a liquor store right on Broad Street. They were offering wine and cheese samples and I ended up buying a bottle of "Mom's Time Out" wine. It's very dry and crisp, quite nice.

Some of the Village children had donned Colonial costume and were standing by to offer information about the Village and answer questions. They looked so cute, but were also very knowledgeable.

colonial children

Our next stop was Waters Edge Cafe. Bear tried the lemon bars and loved them.
Waters Edge CAfe

Inside L'Attitudes
We made a quick stop at L'Attitude. They were very busy and we saw a number of TweetHoppers there.

Next up was River's Edge Flowers & Gifts. It's a great shop with items by local artists. I have to go back there and get some contact information!
Rivers Edge Flowers & Gifts

We had time for one more stop before the 8:30 gathering at O'Roarke's for the card drawing, and that was Little Falls Bakery & Cafe. We snacked on pizza and macaroons. Yum!

At 8:30, everyone met at O'Roarke's Bar and Grill. There was live music and lots of lively conversation. It was a great way to wind up the night, and many of us stayed well beyond our 9:00 pm end-time.
O'Roarke's bar & grill

Feedback from the businesses and the TweetHoppers was so positive, and Kathie and I spent the end of the night chatting with the participants. I have to give her credit...she easily did 99% of the work for this one.

I'm looking forward to our next TweetUp, this summer at the beach. And I hope we get the opportunity to do more TweetHops. There are tons of Rhode Island villages that deserve the attention!

Friday, April 29, 2011

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Watch Hill Cabanas
Watch Hill Cabanas by Amy Martira Photography"

biltmore at night (iPhone wallpaper)
biltmore at night (iPhone wallpaper) by undergroundbastard

Providence by little art-girl

First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church by robtm2010

A blustery day.
A blustery day. by siriusthinking

the breakers
the breakers by shaggyshoo

Bad Idea
Bad Idea by SteelToad

IMG_0746 by appylovee

Gazebo at Twilight
Gazebo at Twilight by BarbaraS2009

Beavertail Moonrise
Beavertail Moonrise by benjacobsen

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sights ~ Barrington Town Beach, Barrington

Barrington Town Beach
Bay Rd.
Barrington, Rhode Island

The weather in the last few days has been so lovely that Bear and I actually detoured to a nearby beach on our way home.

Barrington Town Beach occupies four acres of a cove on the Narragansett Bay, with beautiful views of both the bay and the waterfront homes. Being a town beach, parking in the lot is reserved for residents. Fortunately it was very early in the season and we were able to find street parking nearby.

waves on the shore

House on the bay

It was literally a breath of fresh air. Cool and breezy, but not cold, we were able to take our shoes and socks off and walk along the shore, letting the waves roll over our feet.

Bear enjoyed some shell hunting, too.
shell hunting

Ocean's bounty

We saw another group further along the beach, including one brave soul who was kite-sailing.
kite surfer

It was good weather for it, apparently.

Bear absolutely loved the beach. I agree that it's very nice, but it's definitely meant for Barrington residents.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dining ~ Friendship Cafe, Providence

Friendship Cafe
500 Broad St.
Providence, Rhode Island
7:00am - 2:00 pm

On Good Friday, a group of friends and I (and Bear) met for lunch at Friendship Cafe. It's situated in the 500 Broad Street building, right at the corner of Broad and Friendship Streets, in south Providence, a neighborhood undergoing revitalization.

Friendship Cafe

The restaurant is a division of Amos House, an independent social service agency in Providence that provides a soup kitchen, financial and housing assistance, detox and education. As one of the businesses run by Amos House, they employ graduates from the Amos Culinary Education (ACE) program.

It's a bright, clean friendly place with light wood floors and tables, energetic orange and soothing green.

Friendship Cafe interior

Much of the interior woodwork was done by another Amos House WORKS business, Amos House Builds, by graduates of Amos House's Carpentry Training  (ACT) program.

The staff was friendly and welcoming, and we soon found ourselves comfortably accommodated. Once we'd all arrived, we had our meals delivered quickly. The menu is breakfast all day, and lunchtime comfort foods, including weekly specials. They also have sweets. Everything is made on-site out of fresh, local ingredients.

Thanksgiving wrap on whole wheat
I ordered the Thanksgiving wrap (turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on whole wheat wrap). These came with "Friendship fries." It was excellent. The turkey was fresh and the stuffing was clearly homemade. No sage-flavored bread paste, this was the real deal, with bread cubes and all.

Pulled Pork sandwich
Bear loved her pulled pork sandwich. It was "smoky and savory and everything that's good about life," she declared. It was the best pulled pork sandwich she'd ever had.

Two of our companions tried the fish and chips. Both were happy with their choice.
Fish & Chips

Another of our friends tried the chopped salad, which was very nice-looking indeed.

A word about "Friendship fries." Apparently developed right in their kitchen by one of the chefs, they are regular fries with a mix of spices. I'm not sure what it is, but it adds a tasty zing. Normally I dislike cilantro, but although I could taste it in the seasoning, I still liked it quite a lot.

We were fortunate to have Mike McCarthy stop at our table to chat. He's the business manager of Amos House WORKS, the umbrella for the Amos House businesses (Friendship Cafe, Amos House Builds and More than a Meal catering). He gave us a lot of information about the cafe and catering business (did you know they supply meals to several local schools?).

Bear and I agree that Friendship Cafe is a place we'll come back to time and again, as well as a place to bring out-of-town guests.

Friday, April 22, 2011

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Rhode Island State House 2
Rhode Island State House 2 by boliyou

Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island
Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island by nelights

Post office
Post office by mizzbritta

Ashton Bridges
Ashton Bridges by BlueisCoool

Dutch Island Light
Dutch Island Light by kpmst7

013ed by red army photography

Monday, April 18, 2011

Events ~ Providence 375

Providence 375
May - October, 2011
Providence, Rhode Island
from the site:

In 1636, Roger Williams and a small group of followers landed on the shores of the Seekonk River in Providence's Fox Point. From May through October 2011, Providence will commemorate the 375th anniversary of the colonial settlement along the shores of the Great Salt Cove. 


  • Commemorative guidebook spotlighting historical moments + calendar of events
  • My Providence Video Contest
  • Celebrate Providence! Neighborhood Performing Arts Initiative - a summer-long series of dance, opera, hip hop and more for the city's diverse neighborhoods
  • WBNA Block Party
  • Friday Night Concerts at Waterplace Park
  • National Park Service and Smith Hill CDC - Youth Intern Program & Walking Tours
  • Web-based curriculum project for Providence high school students
  • A special WaterFire in honor of the 375th
  • Providence's Independence Weekend Celebration & Fireworks
  • 375 Gala honoring individuals who exemplify Williams' legacy and ideals
  • Shakespeare in the Park presented by The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater
  • Roger Williams Paddle led by Rhode Island Blueways"
  • What does the American dream mean to you?" public art installation
  • A Key into the Language of America exhibit at The Haffenreffer Museum
  • Student projects - Public Humanities program, Brown University
  • Thematic public art installations as part of Providence Art Windows
  • Campaign to restore the City of Providence's collection of mayoral paintings
  • City-wide walking tours
  • Programming at Greater Kennedy PlazaEvents at the Dunkin' Donuts Center
  • The Manton Avenue Project will present 375 ROGER (OVER AND OUT): the happy-birthday-Providence play

Rhody artists ~ Tanner Glass

Artist's name: Suzanne Tanner
Shop name: Tanner Glass
Web site:
Twitter: tannerglass

1. Tell us about your work: I like to refer to it as FUNctional Objects for Everyday Life. Primarily, I'm a glassblower, but I added a line of magnets, paperweights and hooks a couple of years ago that have taken me a little bit off course from glassblowing. I do make many of the glass pieces I use in that line, though. So now my time is divided between making things in the Hot Shop (glass studio), and at my at-home studio. It's a great balance!

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter? Lots of work, determination, and most important, a love for what I do. I was fortunate to get my start when the market was really hopping. It gave me a good foundation to move forward and develop new ideas. I've always had a creative side, and a business side, and feel pretty forunate that I was able to combine the two. (And a huge thanks Mom and Dad for not only recognizing that I wan't going to be a Doctor, but for encouraging me to do what makes me happy).

3. Where do you draw your inspiration? Ah, FUNction! I don't make anything that I wouldn't use myself. In fact, many of my products were designed out of necessity. I wanted some cool little vases to put on my windowsill, and viola, the Pinch Bud Vases were born. It was important to me that I made things that people would actually USE, not just store on a shelf in a closet.


4. What’s your favorite item to make? Hands down, it's the Coin Bud Vases. They are everything I love about glass.....transparency, texture, simplicity, design and ingenuity (they were tricky to make!)

image via etsy

5. What’s your best seller? Prior to the introduction of the Magnets, the Bottestoppers were always my best seller. They were the first product line I designed, and have continually been popular. Once I started selling magnets, and expanding on the selection, they quickly became the top seller. The Pet themed magnets (Good Dog and Good Kitty) battle it out with the Vintage Maps for the top spot.

image via etsy

6. How long have you been in Rhode Island? I grew up in CT, and was fortunate to spend my summers in a tiny beach community, Quonochontaug, RI. Aside from a 5 year stint in Colorado, I've spent time every year in lil Rhody. I moved here permantly about 11 years ago, and I still head to the beach house in the summers.

7. What do you {heart} about Rhode Island? I'm just going to rattle off a bunch of things, in no particular order......Watch Hill sunsets, Quonochontaug, the "accent", the most awesome restaurants (especially Farmstead/La Laiterie, Fellini's Pizza, and Nick's), ArtsInRI, the Foundry Artists Show, Blackstone Boulevard, the fact that (roughly) a 25 minute drive in any direction can take you to the beach, the City, the Bay or the farm, the East Bay Bike Path, and lastly, the Warwick Animal Shelter (the past home of my best pal, Olivia (dog). They took really good care of her until I came along).

8. Please include anything else you’d like to add: When I moved here, I really didn't know anyone. Although I spent my summers in Quonnie, I hardly knew much about Rhode Island. The Rocky Mountains were trying to lure me back, but once I started meeting people, I realized how awesome this little state is. I've met some of the most talented, driven, kind people, and I'm so grateful. If it weren't for the friendship, and employment of Tracy (, I'm certain I'd have left a long time ago. Now I can't imagine being anywhere else. Lil Rhody rocks!

Friday, April 15, 2011

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Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse
Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse by nelights

providence by kobrienjewelry

Rhode Island Statehouse
Rhode Island Statehouse by MyDay247

City in the Sun
City in the Sun by MattJohnston401

Donald Gerola Sculpture Pawtucket R.I.
Donald Gerola Sculpture Pawtucket R.I. by BlueisCoool

Late winter nature at Sachuest Point
Late winter nature at Sachuest Point by robert.rinkel

Ocean House Watch Hill
Ocean House Watch Hill by Amy Martira Photography

A lovely walk at Colt State Park
A lovely walk at Colt State Park by alamodestuff

Cemetery Office &Gate
Cemetery Office &Gate by Mr. Ducke

Cargo Home
Cargo Home by DaveAmasPics

Newport Sailboat
Newport Sailboat by martha_jean

Rhode Island
Rhode Island by dougtone

Stepping Stone Falls
Stepping Stone Falls by ebnt-photo

Untitled by provbenson2009

USA - Rhode Island - Newport
USA - Rhode Island - Newport by Chris&Steve

Providence, Rhode Island, 2 April 2011
Providence, Rhode Island, 2 April 2011 by PhillipC

IMG_3269 by tapenail

Watch Hill, RI
Watch Hill, RI by kaminine55

One way to get there
One way to get there by Shawn Anthony Fraser

82/365 The Inner Monster
82/365 The Inner Monster by MarkHeyThere

Rainy Rhode Island 7
Rainy Rhode Island 7 by sushla

Ocean House, Watch Hill
Ocean House, Watch Hill by kateanthes

Rhode Island State House
Rhode Island State House by Out of the Grey

Room with a View; Sunset over Westerly RI
Room with a View; Sunset over Westerly RI by Perpetual Twilight Photography