Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dining ~ Andino's Restaurant, Providence

171 Atwells Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

photo: Providence Blogger

After the Souq/Bazzar show, Bear and I stopped at Andino's for dinner. The atmosphere is dim and candlelit, which the Bear thought was very fancy and cool. Unfortunately, it was too dim for photos. Andy, our waiter, was professional and attentive.

I started out with a Milky Way martini. It was extraordinary - sweet, creamy and smooth - and spot-on for flavor. Definitely a dessert drink.

The Bear ordered lobster ravioli, which she enjoyed very much.

I had the New York sirloin. It was bland, though the potatoes and broccoli on the side were quite good.

When we left, I accidentally left my camera behind. One of the other waiters chased us into the street to return it.

I'd definitely go back for the service, although I'd probably go for drinks rather than dinner.

Get more thoughts on Andino's from UpTake.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Art scene ~ Souq/Bazaar Show at Gallery Z, Providence

Gallery Z
259 Atwells Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Last night the Bear and I went to the Souq/Bazaar Show at Gallery Z on Atwells Avenue in Providence. We had a really good time. The gallery was dressed with red cloth to evoke a Middle-Eastern souq, and there was an eclectic selection of art, fruit and vegetables, soda, jewelry and various other items. We happened to come in on "Art, Food and Wine" night, a monthly event to raise awareness for a cause (the ONE campaign).

Interior 2

Food was provided by Nara Hooka Lounge, situated across the street. They had set up a hooka outside to try, which was interesting. There was no taste of tobacco, just a cherry flavor, and you couldn't even really tell you were inhaling anything. There was wine and juice as well, selected by Gasbarro's wines. I tried the  red and it was excellent. I should find out the vintage.

Hookas and more

This along with displays of other works. I love the chandelier as well as the painting on the back of the violin.
Art from the SteelyardGallery corner

Artist Michael Bryce was in residence, and just starting a canvas for sunflowers. The art above and to the left is all his own. I must make a point of seeing the finished work.

Artist Michael Bryce

The staff were friendly and welcoming. We got a great tour and enthusiastic welcome from Carol Scavotto, who also has some work on display there.
"Laughter" by Carol Scavotto

It was an excellent show, with a great variety of art, as well as wit and whimsy. We're looking forward to Gallery Z's upcoming show, featuring Armenian artists.

The Souq/Bazaar Show runs through February 13, so there's still plenty of time to enjoy.

For more information on Gallery Z, check out UpTake.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doing good ~ Adventures in blood donation

Rhode Island Blood Center

Yesterday I screwed up my courage and went to St. Philips Church in Smithfield to donate blood. There was no special reason I went to that particular place. They just happened to be having a blood drive yesterday, when I decided to donate. Like most sensible people, I'm not a fan of needles. But I figure that the person who needs my blood is probably hurting a lot more than a needlestick is going to hurt me. And so off I went.

Registration is easy. There's a form to fill out, and if you're a first-timer like me, they ask for your driver's license so they can make a donor card for you. They test your blood for hemoglobin - shouldn't give if you're anemic - and check your blood pressure and temp. Clearing the screening gets you  a place in the donor's line.

It's a short wait before a technician calls you over to a cot, where they select a vein. In theory, there's a brief needle stick, and you just lie quietly and relax for about ten minutes. Drink something, let your body rest for another few minutes, and you're on your way.

If the technician or his supervisor had found a viable vein, I'm sure that's how it would have been for me. However, that proved too difficult and, rather than poke me even once unsuccessfully, they thanked me warmly for my efforts and sent me home. Their suggestion: hyperhydrate next time. Drinking more than usual increases blood volume and, by extension, vein size.

It was disappointing to have not been able to give blood, however the overall experience at the blood drive was very good. The volunteers and technicians were friendly without being pushy or nosey. All of them made it their business to see that I had a positive experience. I'll make another appointment and be sure to double my fluid intake the day before and the day of the donation.

Make an appointment at the Rhode Island Blood Center today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art scene ~ Household Saints: African Spirituality in Cuban Art & Culture, URI Feinstein Campus Gallery, Providence

University of Rhode Island
Feinstein Providence Campus

The gallery is actually the halls of the Feinstein Campus, which is great for exposing the students to art, which they might not go out of their way to see. When I went there tonight, I learned that, starting next week, URI student ID will be required to get into the building. That will make visiting the gallery kind of tricky if you're not a student or faculty member. That's disappointing, since I just discovered this gallery and was looking forward to seeing upcoming exhibits.

The exhibit explores the impact of African culture and spirituality on Cuban culture and its representation in art. Much of it is based in Santeria, a major religion and cultural influence.

Santeria was created when Africans were brought to Cuba as slaves and forced to practice Catholicism. The Catholic saints came to have dual meanings among the Santeria, representing both the traditional Catholic saint and standing in for the traditional African gods, who had physical forms and also represented natural forces.

Here are a few of the works that really caught my attention:
Household Altar to Oya
A Household Altar to Oya, the Gatekeeper of the Cemeteries, governor of the dead, overseer of winds, embodiment of thunder, lightning and the Nigerian River.

Here is another representation of Oya, by Selena Gonce
Oya by Selena Gonce

Gonce also made this representation of Babalu Aye, "Father of the World." He is the overseer of diseases and epidemics.
Babalu Aye by Selena Gonce

This madonna-like acrylic is called "Yemaya."
Yemaya con Palmac
Yemaya is the spirit of motherhood and is associated with the moon and ocean.

Jover created this series of Virgin and Child
Virgin and Child series by Jover

Another series by Montebravo shows the "Reina" (Queen) in various incarnations.
A series of Reinas by Montebravo

I thought this one was fascinating. It's called "La Mano Poderosa" and means "The Powerful Hand." It's made of scrap metal, I think. Except for the icons at each fingertip, which are plaster. The background looks like it's made of flattened soda cans, and I wonder if the brands might be significant in Cuban culture.
La Mano Poderosa

Finally, one of my favorite pieces. The card said it's a triptych of Babalu Aye, but it looks more like a female to me. Perhaps another Reina.
Triptych of St. Lazaro, Babalu Aye, Ochun by Armando Torres

Dining ~ Oriental Taste, Cranston

Oriental Taste
2224 Plainfield Pike
Cranston, Rhode Island

I had lunch at Oriental Taste today, a great little family-owned Chinese takeout/catering place. The Bear and I love their boneless ribs and crab rangoon. Serena is always there, friendly and ready to make fresh whatever they might have run out of in the lunch selections.

Lunch is really affordable, with rice or noodles and two items for about $6, and the portions are very generous.

For other reviews of Oriental Taste, check out UpTake.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shop local ~ CSA time is here!

This year I'm planning to sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription. It helps keep local farms going and guarantees the Bear and I fresh veggies each week, from June to November. Not a bad deal. Now, to choose the right farm for us.

Farm Fresh Rhode Island is a great resource for local farms, farmers markets, CSA's and "pick your own." I think the Bear and I are going to have some fun this year, going fruit-picking.

Places and things to see in Rhode Island

Afred Drowne Road Historic District (NPS): Alfred Drowne Rd., Annawamscutt Rd. and Washington Rd.
Artist in You workshops (RIM Best of '10): 71 Maple Ave.
Barrington Books bookstore: 184 County Rd.
Barrington Civic Center: 283 County Rd.
Barrington Town Beach
Barrington Town Hall: 283 County Rd.
Belton Court (former estate): Middle Highway
Benjamin S. Jackson House, 115 Nayatt Rd.286 Maple Ave.
Billy's restaurant (RIM Best of '09: new neighborhood restaurant): 286 Maple Ave.
Jenny Lane Historic District
Nayatt Point Lighthouse: Nayatt Point Ct.
O'Bannon Mill: 90 Bay Spring Ave.
St. Matthew Episcopal Church (NPS): 5 Chapel Rd.
Vienna Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 110 Maple Ave.

Block Island
Bike tour
Block Island North Lighthouse
Block Island Southeast Lighthouse
Clay Bluffs
Clayhead Trail
Crescent Beach
Fort Therapy
Froozie's Juce Bar and Cafe: Dodge St.
Hotel Manisses: 5 Spring St.
Island Bound bookstore: Post Office Building, Water St.
Jerry's Point
Littlefield Bee Farm: Ocean Ave.
Mansion Beach: off Corn Neck Rd.
"The Maze"
North Light
The Oar restaurant (RIM Summer '11): 221 Jobs Hill Rd.
Painted Rock
Poor Peoples' Pub: 33 Harbor Rd.
Rebecca's Seafood Takeout: 435 Water St.
Rodman's Hollow
Sachem Pond
Settler's Rock
Spring House Hotel: 52 Spring St.

4th of July parade
Agave restaurant (Mexican) (RIM Summer '11): 805 Hope St.
Alayne White Spa (RIM Best of '10): 259 Thames St.
Beehive Cafe (RIM Best of '10: lunch)*: 10 Franklin St.
Benjamin Church House: 1014 Hope St.
Blithewold Mansion and Arboretum: 101 Ferry Rd.
Bradford-Dimond-Norris House: 474 Hope St.
Bristol County Courthouse: 260 High St.
Bristol County Jail: 48 Court St.
Bristol Customhouse and Post Office: 420-448 Hope St.
Bristol Ferry Lighthouse: Ferry Rd.
Bristol State House Foundation: 240 High St.
Bristol Town Beach
Bristol Waterfront Historic District: Bristol Harbor to E side of Wood St. as far N as Washington St. and S to Walker Cove
Colt State Park (and the bulls)
Coggeshall Farm: 1 Colt Dr.
"Discovery" Columbus Quincentennial Statue, Independence Park
Green River Silver Company (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best of): 297 Hope St.
Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology: 300 Tower St.
Hope Gallery: 435 Hope St.
Independence Park: Thames St.
Joseph Reynolds House: 956 Hope St.
Juniper Hill Cemetery: 24 Sherry Ave.
Linden Place: 500 Hope St.
Longfield: 1200 Hope St.
Mount Hope Bridge
Mount Hope Farm: 250 Metacom Ave.
New Leaf salon (RIM Best of '10): 18 State St.
Persimmon restaurant (RIM Best of '10): 31 State St.
Poppasquash Farms Historic District
Rogers Free Library: Hope St.
Stone Church Coffee House: 280 High St.
Union Street Beach

Central Falls
Central Falls City Hall: 580 Broad St.
Central Falls Library: 205 Central St.
El Paisa restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 598 Dexter Ave.
Garrison Chocolatiers: 72 Ledge St.
Lysander and Susan Flagg Museum and Cultural Center: 209 Central St.
Soldiers Monument: Cemetery, 978 Lonsdale Ave.

Burrillville Town Hall: 105 Harrisville Main St.
Spring Lake Beach Facility: 50 Old Harborside Dr.
"Taking Flight" statue: Zambarano Mem. Hosp., 2090 Wallum Lake Rd.

Blue Shutters Town Beach: 469 East Beach Rd.
Burlingame State Park: Rte 1
Charlestown Breachway State Beach:
Charlestown Town Beach: 557 Charlestown Beach Rd.
Charlestown Town Hall: 4540 South County Trail
Frosty Drew Nature Center and Observatory: Ninigret Park
Ninigret Park (and pond)

Acote's Hill Cemetery:
Ancient and Horribles Parade (4th of July):
Brown and Hopkins Country Store: 1179 Putnam Pike
Casimir Pulaski Memorial State Park: 151 Pulaski Rd.
Chepachet Farms: 226 Tourtellot Hill Rd.
Dr. Reuben Mason House: 1111 Putnam Pike at Acote's Hill
Elephant Bridge: Main Street
Glocester Manton Free Public Library: Main Street
Glocester Town Hall: Main Street
Job Armstrong Store: 1181 Main Street
Tavern on Main (Stagecoach Tavern Restaurant): Main Street
Town Pound: Rte 102 and Pound Rd.

Briar Point Beach
Carbuncle Hill Archaeological District (NPS)
Christopher Rhodes Greene House (NPS): 2 Potter Ct.
Coventry Town Hall: 1670 Flat River Rd.
DePetrillo's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 797 Tiogue Ave.
General Nathanael Greene Homestead at Spell Hall: 50 Taft St.
Harris Mill (NPS): 618 Main St.
Interlaken Mill Bridge (NPS) (aka Arkwright?):
Isaac Bowen House (NPS): Maple Valley Rd.
Joseph Briggs House (NPS): Town Farm Rd.
Paine House Museum: 7 Station St.
Pawtuxet Valley Dyeing Company (NPS): 9 Howard Ave.
Read School (NPS): 1670 Flat River Rd.
Rice City Historic District (NPS):
Waterman Tavern (NPS):
William Waterman House (NPS): RI 102
Wilson-Winslow House (NPS): 2414 Harkney Hill Rd.

Arunothai restaurant (Asian/sushi): 2169 Broad St.
Calvitto's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 1401 Park Ave.; 285 Park Ave.
Campanella's Restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Grilled): 930 Oaklawn Ave.
Chapel Grille: 3000 Chapel View Blvd.
Chapel View (former Sockanosset Boys Training School): Chapel View Blvd.
Confreda Greenhouses and Farms
Cranston City Hall: 869 Park Ave. Broad St.
DePetrillo's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 1073 Park Ave.
Edgewood Cafe: 1864
Edgewood Manor
Edgewood Yacht Club, 3 Shaw Ave.
Galaxie restaurant: 957 Reservoir Ave.
Grave of Nicholas Colasanto
Greek Heritage Festival, Greek Orthodox Annunciation Church (September)
Ichiban restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 146 Gansett Ave.
Joy Homestead: 156 Scituate Ave.
Minh Hai restaurant (Vietnamese): 1096 Park Ave.
Mulligan's Island Golf and Entertainment Center (RIM Best of '11): 1000 New London Ave.
Neo Pizza (RIM Best Pizza '11: NY Style): 2244 Plainfield Pike
Newhall House
Park Cinema: 848 Park Ave. (AIR)
Primo's Deli (PP Best of '11): 342 Budlong Rd.
Solitro's Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 1594 Cranston St.
South Main Historic District (NPS):
Sprague Mansion: 1351 Cranston St.
Superior Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 1234 Oaklawn Ave.
T's restaurant (met the owner): 1059 Park Ave.
The Time Capsule (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best Of): 537 Pontiac Ave.
Tommy's Pizza (RIM Best Pizza '11: Greek): 936 Chalkstone Ave.
Twin Oaks (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 100 Sabra St.
Zaccagnini's Fine Cakes and Pastries (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 701 Oaklawn Ave.

St. Mary's Church and Cemetery (NPS): Church St.

Cumberland Town Hall: 45 Broad St.
Iron Mine Hill, Cumberlandite Ore Deposit
Davenport's Restaurant: 1070 Mendon Rd.
Diamond Hill Park
Diamond Hill Vineyards: 3145 Diamond Hill Rd.
The Monastary: 114 RI 114
William Blackstone Memorial Park
World War II Monument: Cumberland Town Hall, 45 Broad St.

East Greenwich
Armory of the Kentish Guards (NPS): Armory & Pierce Sts.
Clement Weaver--Daniel Howland House (NPS): 125 Howland Rd.
Col Micah Whitmarsh House (NPS): 294 Main St.
Crossways Farm: Cedar Ave. and Middle Rd.
East Greenwich Historic District (NPS):
East Greenwich Town Hall: 125 Main St.
Fry's Hamlet Historic District (NPS)
George B. Salter Memorial Grove: 345 Ives Rd.
Goddard Memorial State Park: 345 Ives Rd.
James Mitchell Varnum House Museum: 57 Pierce Street
Jigger's Diner: 145 Main St.
Kent County Courthouse (NPS): 127 Main St.
Kon Asian Bistro (RIM Best of '09): 553 Main St.
La Masseria (RIM Best of '10)
Lizzy and the Enchanted Creamery: 1700 Mendon Rd.
Main Street Coffee: 137 East Main St.
Massie Wireless Station (NPS): 1300 Frenchtown Rd.
Richard Briggs Farm (NPS): 830 South Rd.
The Savory Grape wine shop: 1000 Division St.
Silas Clapp House (NPS): E. Greenwich Ave.
T's restaurant (met the owner): 5600 Post Rd.
Tillinghast Road Historic District (NPS):
Varnum Memorial Armory: 6 Main St.
Windmill Cottage (NPS): 144 Division St.

East Providence
Avenue N bistro (from a friend): 20 Newman Ave.
Boston House of Pizza (RIM Best Pizza '11: Greek): 540 Taunton Ave.
Crescent Park Loof Carousel
Davenport's restaurasmapnt (RIM Best of '10)
East Providence City Hall: 145 Taunton Ave.
Ichigo Ichie restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 5 Catamore Blvd.
John Hunt House: Hunts Mill Rd.
Pomham Rocks Lighthouse
Sun and Moon (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 95 Warren Ave.

Beach Pond Recreation Area: Rte 165
Celestial Cafe* (seafood): 567 South County Trail
Exeter Town Hall: 675 10 Rod Road
Grave of Mercy L. Brown
Pineridge Sports Park (RIM Best of '11): 560 South County Trail

Baptist Church
Breezy Hill Site
Capt. George Dorrance House: Jencks Rd.
Crosswalk to Nowhere
Foster Public Library: 184 Howard Hill Rd.
Foster School House
Foster Town Hall: 181 Howard Hill Rd.
Foster Town House: 180 Howard Hill Rd.
Hopkins Mill Historic District
Jerimoth Hill
Moosup Valley Historic District
Mt. Hygeia (Solomon Drown House):
Mount Vernon Tavern
Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge
Town Pound: S. Killingly Rd.
Winsor Blacksmith Shop: Foster Center Rd.

Evans School House:
George Washington Management Area
Glocester Town Hall: 1145 Putnam Pike

A&W Rootbeer Stand
Daniel Winsor House: Austin Ave.
Elisha Smith House: Capron Rd.
Ezekiel Angell House: Steere Rd.
Greenville Tavern: Putnam Pike
Jesse Foster House: Austin Ave. and Hapleville Rd.
The Mill: 711 Putnam Pike
Pho Evergreen restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 556 Putnam Pike
Thomas Waterman House: West Greenville Rd.
Waterman-Winsor House: Austin Ave.

Chester's Restaurant: Rte. 44

Falls and Assembly
Wrights Farm Restaurant: 84 Inman Rd.

Hopkinton Town Hall: 1 Town House Road

Artillery Park (NPS): North Rd. and Narragansett Ave.
Beavertail Lighthouse
Conanicut Battery: off Battery La., W of Beaver Tail Rd.
Conanicut Lighthouse: 64 N. Bay View Ave.
Dutch Island Lighthouse: South end of Dutch Island
Fort Wetherill State Park: Ft. Wetherill Rd.
Friends Meetinghouse (NPS): North Road and Wheedon La.
Heads Beach
Horsehead-Marbella (NPS): 240 Highland Dr.
Jamestown Fire Department Memorial Museum: 50 Narragansett Ave.
Jamestown Historical Society Museum: 92 Narragansett Ave.
Jamestown Town Hall: 93 Narragansett Ave.
Jamestown Windmill: Windmill Hill, North Main Rd.
Mackerel Cove/Jamestown Town Beach
Narragansett Cafe (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 25 Narragansett Ave.
Old Town Hall
Quaker Meeting House: Windmill Hill, N. Main Rd. and Weeden La.
Village Hearth Bakery (RIM Best pizza '11: Neopolitan): 2 Watson Ave.
Watson Farm: 455 North Main Rd.

Big Hand Truck: 2140 Hartford Ave.
Blue Beaver Deli: 39 Greenville Ave.
Conti's: 269 Greenville Ave
Clemence-Irons House.
D. Palmieri's Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 624 Killingly St.
Joe Danella Custom Birdhouses: 22627 Hartford Ave., US Rt. 6
Johnston Town Hall: 1385 Hartford Ave.
Marian Mohr Memorial Library: 1 Memorial Ave.
Red Ginger: 560 Killingly St.
RyNik's Hometown Pizza & Subs: 620 Killingly St.
Salisbury Farm: Rte 14
Scramblers: 2 Greenville Ave.George Waterman Rd.
Sura restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 300 George Waterman Rd.

American Diner Museum: 89 Industrial Cir.
Arnold's Bakery/North Gate Tollhuse: Old Louisquisset Pike
AT Cross Company: 1 Albion Rd.
Blackstone River Visitor's Center
Capt. Wilbur Kelly House Museum
Cartier Monument: School St. near Main St., Albion
Eleazar Arnold House
Enn Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 600 Washington Hwy.
Hearthside Homestead: 677 Great Rd.
Lincoln Town Hall: 100 Old River Rd.
Lincoln Woods State Park
~Blackstone River Bikeway: Breakneck Hill Rd.
Manville Music Hall
North Gate: Old Louisquisset Pike, Rte. 246

Fayerweather House: 1895 Mooresfield Rd.
Kingston Train Station
Old Washington County Jail: 2636 Kingstown Rd.
Ryan Center

Little Compton
1854 Tap Room restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 122 Sakonnet Point Rd.
The Barn (Q): 16 Main Rd.
Friends Meeting House and Cemetery (NPS): 234 W. Main Rd.
Goosewing Beach
Grave of Elizabeth Alden Peabodie
Little Comption Common Historic District (NPS):
Little Compton Town Hall: 40 Commons
Rhode Island Red Commemorative Monument
Sakonnet Point Lighthouse
Sakonnet Vineyards, 162 W. Main Rd.
South Shore Beach
Wilbor House Museum: 548 West Main St.
William Whalley Homestead: 33 Burchard Ave.

Atlantic Beach
Bailey Farm (NPS): 373 Wyatt Rd.
Boyd's Wind Gristmill (NPS): Prospect Ave.
Clambake Club of Newport (NPS): 353 Tuckerman Ave.
Flo's Clam Shack (Prov Phoenix Best of 11): 4 Wave Ave.
James C. Lyman House (NPS): 438 Walcott Ave.
Middletown Town Hall: 350 East Main Rd.
Newport County Chamber of Commerce: 45 Valley Rd.
Newport Vineyards and Winery: 909 East Main Rd, Rte 138
Paradise School: Prospect Ave.
Prescott Farm: 2009 W. Main Rd.
Sea Shai restaurant (Korean)(RIM Cheap Eats '10): 747 Aquidneck Ave.
Second Beach/Sachuest Town Beach
Simmond's Farm: 1942 West Main Rd.
Susannah's Ice Cream (RIM '10 Best of): Sweet Berry Farm, 915 Mitchell's Ln.
Third Beach
Tommy's Deluxe Diner: 159 East Main Rd.
Whitehall Museum House: 311 Berkeley Ave.
Witherbee School: Valley Rd. and Green End Ave.

Adventureland of Narragansett (RIM Best of '11): 112 Point Judith Rd.
Aunt Carrie's Clam Shack: 1240 Ocean Rd.
Calvitto's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 90 Point Judith Rd.
Canonchet Farm: Strathmore St.
Captain Roger Wheeler State Beach: 100 Sand Hill Cove Rd.
Coast Guard House (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 40 Ocean Rd.
Crazy Burger (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 144 Boon St.
George's of Galilee (seafood)*: 250 Sand Hill Cove Rd.
Narragansett Indian Monument:  US 1A/Kingstown Rd. and Strathmore St.
Narragansett Indian Museum
Narragansett Town Beach
Narragansett Towers
Point Judith Corrosion Test Facility
Point Judith Lighthouse
Salty Brine State Beach
Scarborough Beach
Spain of Narragansett (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 1144 Ocean Rd.
Sprague Park

New Shoreham
Charleston Beach
Fred Benson Town Beach
Mansion Beach
New Shoreham Town Hall: 16 Old Town Rd.
North Light

@ The Deck restaurant (RIM Summer '11)*: 1 Waites Wharf
41 North (RIM Best of '09): 351 Thames St.
A-1 Pizza (RIM Best Pizza '11: Greek): 306 Broadway
Aardvark Antiques
Alex and Ani jewelry shop (RIM Best of '10): Bowen's Wharf
Annie's restaurant: 176 Bellevue Ave.
Army and Navy YMCA (NPS): 50 Washington Square
Bailey's Beach
Barking Crab (RIM Best of '09): 151 Swinburne Row
Beechwood Mansion: 580 Bellevue Ave.
Belcourt Castle: 659 Bellevue Ave.
Bellevue Ave./Casino Historic District (NPS): 170-230 Bellevue Ave.
Benjamin's Restaurant and Raw Bar (RIM Best of '11 - Late-night lobster): 254 Thames St.
The Bird's Nest (NPS): 526 Broadway at One Mile Corner
The Boardroom coffee bar: 1 Casino Terr.
The Breakers: Ochre Point Ave.
Brenton Point State Park: Ocean Drive
Brick Alley Pub (RIM Best of '10)
Brick Market: Thames St. and Washington Square
Captain John Mawdsley House (NPS): 228 Spring St.
Captain Preston House: 378 Spring St.
Castle Hill Inn
Castle Hill Lighthouse: Off Ocean Ave on Castle Hill at W end of Newport Neck
Charles H. Baldwin House (NPS): Bellevue Ave. opposite Perry St.
Chateau-sur-Mer: 474 Bellevue Ave.
Christie's restaurant (RIM Best of '11 - Harborside Hangout): 14 Perry Mill Rd.
Clarendon Court Mansion
Clarke Cooke House (Ryan): 1 Bannister's Wharf
Clarke Street Meeting House (NPS): Clarke St.
Common Burying Ground and Island Cemetery (NPS): Farwell and Warner Sts.
Constant Tabor House: 47 John St.
Coronet (wooden schooner yacht) (NPS): 449 Thames
Dr. Charles Cotton House (NPS): 5 Cotton's Ct.
Easton's Beach
Edward King's House: Aquidneck Park, Spring St.
The Elms
Emmanuel Church (NPS): 42 Dearborn St.
Firehouse Theater (TW)
Fort Adams State Park
~Commandant's Residence, Quarters Number One, Fort Adams (NPS): Harrison Ave.
~Eisenhower House : 1 Lincoln Dr.
~Fort Adams (NPS): W. of Newport at Fort Adams Rd and Harrison Ave.
Fort Hamilton Historic District: Rose Island
Francis Malbone House (NPS): 392 Thames St.
George Champlin Mason House: 31 Old Beach Rd.
God's Little Acre (African American cemetery): Farewell St.
Gooseberry Beach: 130 Ocean Dr.
Great Friends Meeting House, Farewell & Marlborough Sts.
Green Bridge:
Hotel Viking: 1 Bellevue Ave.
 ~Top of Newport
Hunter House: 54 Washington St.
Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse: on Lime Rock in Newport Harbor off Wellington St.
International Yacht Restoration School: Thames St.
Isaac Bell House: 70 Perry St.
John N. A. Griswold House: 76 Bellevue Ave.
Kay Street -- Catherine Street -- Old Beach Road Historic District (NPS):
Kings Park
Kingscote: Bellevue Ave. and Bowery St.
La Maison de Coco (RIM Best of '11 - chocolate shop): 28 Bellevue Ave.
Le Petit Gourmet (RIM Best of '10): 26 Bellevue Ave.
Levi H. Gale House (NPS): 89 Touro St.
Lotus clothing store: 411 Thames St.
Lucas-Johnston House (NPS): 40 Division St.
Luce Hall (NPS):
Lucia Italian Restaurant: 1868 Thames St.
Malbone (NPS):
Mama Leone's restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Greek): 150 Connell Hwy.
Marble House: 596 Bellevue
Miantonomi Memorial Park (NPS): between Hillside and Girard Aves.
Mill Street Garden SWhop (RIM Best of '10): 154 Mill St.
Museum of Newport History: 127 Thames St.
National Museum of American Illustration: 492 Belleview Ave.
Newport Casino
Newport City Hall: 43 Broadway
Newport Colony House, Washington Square
Newport Harbor/Goat Island Lighthouse
Newport Historic District
Newport Restoration Foundation: 51 Touro St.
Newport Wine Cellar: 24 Bellevue Ave.
O Decor home accessories: 10 Franklin St.
Ocean Drive Historic District
Old State House
Old Stone Mill, off Bellevue Ave. in Touro Park
One Bellevue restaurant*: 1 Bellevue Ave.
Original U.S. Naval War College
Pasta Beach (RIM Best Pizza '11: Neopolitan): 7 Memorial Blvd.)
Pronto (RIM Best of '09): 464 Lower Thames St.
Redwood Library and Athenaeum, 50 Bellevue Ave.
Rose Island Lighthouse
Rough Point: 680 Bellevue Ave.
Save the Bay Seal Watch Tour
Scales & Shells: 527 Thames St.
Seaview Terrace (Carey Mansion): Ruggles Ave. and Wetmore Ave.
Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House: 82 Touro Street
Spark: 12 Broadway
Speakeasy Bar & Grill (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 250 Thames St.
St. Mary's Church
Sumo Sushi: 198 Thames St.
Tallulah on Thames restaurant*: 464 Thames St.
Thai Cuisine (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 517 Thames St.
Touro Synagogue
Trinity Church
TSK Thames Street Kitchen restaurant*: 677 Thames St.
Tucker's Bistro*: 150 Broadway
Vanderbilt Hall: 41 Mary St.
Vernon House
Via Via restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: NY Style): 372 Thames St.
Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, 17 Broadway
Whitehorne House: 416 Thames St.
White Horse Tavern: 26 Marlborough St.
William King Covell, III House (NPS): 72 Washington St.
William Watts Sherman House

North Kingstown
Cocumscussoc Archaeological Site
Grace Yoga studio (RIM Best of '10): 35 Weaver Rd.
North Kingstown Town Beach
North Kingstown Town Hall: 80 Boston Neck Rd.
Plum Beach Lighthouse
Smith's Castle: 55 Richard Smith Dr.

North Providence
Best Eastern Chinese & Japanese Restaurant: 1820 Mineral Spring Ave.
Gloss & Glamour spa (RIM Best of '10): 1006 Mineral Spring Ave.
Governor Notte Park
North Providence Town Hall: 2000 Smith St.
Oki Japanese Steakhouse (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 1270 Mineral Spring Ave.
On to Victory: 1964 Smith St.
Pauly Penta's Gourmet Italian Deli (Prov. Phoenix Best Of 2010): 1290 Mineral Spring Ave.
Seafood Shack (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 1007 Charles St.
Soldiers and Sailors Monument: Fruit Hill and Olney Aves.
Twin's Pizza restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Sicilian): 1000 Mineral Spring Ave.
Veterans Monument: Waterman and Greystone Aves.

North Scituate
Cindy's Diner: 46 Hartford Ave.
RISP Officer Statue

North Smithfield
Bob & Timmy's restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Grilled): 621 Pound Hill Rd.
Cobble Rock
Esmond Park: Corner of Farnum Pike and Esmond St.
Halstead at Slatersville Mill: 10 Railroad St. (AIR)
Rustic Drive-In
The Milk Can: 920 Eddie Dowling Highway (AIR)
North Smithfield Town Hall: 1 N. Main St.
Wright's Dairy Farm: 200 Woonsocket Hill Rd.


American Textile Mill: 250 Esten St (AIR)
Beswick Building: 3 Exchange St. (AIR)
Big Mr. Potato Head (Hasbro Corp. Headquarters): 1027 Newport Ave.
China Inn (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best Of): 285 Main St.
Coggswell Fountain: Wilkinson Park, Park Place
Daggett House
Feldman Furniture building: 49 Union St. (AIR)
Freedom Arming the Patriot statue: Wilkinson Park, Park Place
Gamm Theater
Garden Grille (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 727 East Ave.
The German Club
The Grant: 250 Main St (AIR)
Grave of Dr. William P. Rothwell
The Hiker statue: Grove St. Park, Exchange and Cottage Sts.
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hope Artiste Village: 1005 Main St.
Jonathan Baker House: 67 Park Pl.
Kafe Lila: The Grant Building, 250 Main St.
Keeseh Studio and classes (RIM Best of '10): 999 Main St.
La Arepa restaurant: 574 Smithfield Ave.
Lorraine Mills Artists: 558-560 Mineral Spring Ave.
McCoy Stadium
~PawSox game
McDevitt Building (former Kinyon Building): 23 Broad St. (AIR)
The Modern Diner: 364-366 East Ave.
Pawtucket Armory: 172 Exchange St. (AIR)
Pawtucket Arts Collaborative: 260 Main St.
Pawtucket City Hall: 137 Roosevelt Ave.
Pawtucket Library
Pho Horn's restaurant (Vietnamese) (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 50 Ann Mary St.
Rasoi  restaurant(Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 727 East Ave.
Rosinha's (RIM Best of '09): Main St.
Samuel Collyer Memorial: Collyer Park, Main St. and Mineral Spring Ave.
Shish Kebab restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 555 Smithfield Ave.
Shri Studio yoga (RIM Best of '10): 21 Broad St.
Silver Top Diner: 56 Middle St. (AIR)
Slater Memorial Park
~Fanny the Elephant
~Looff Carousel
Slater Mill: 67 Roosevelt Ave.
To Kalon Club: 26 Main St.
Veterans Memorial Fountain: Corrent and Pawtucket Parks Dept. at Slater Park, Armistice Blvd.
Weeden Manor: 11 Walnut St. (AIR)
Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Juice Bar (RIM Best of '11 - Vegan bakery): 727 East Ave.
Wintertime Farmer's Market (at Hope Artiste Village)

Battle of Rhode Island Site (NPS): Lehigh Hill
Carmella's restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: NY Style): 330 West Main Rd.
Greenvale Vineyards: 582 Wapping Rdnewpo
Farnham Farm (NPS): 0113 Mount Pleasant Ave.
Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse:
Island Park Beach
Lawton--Almy--Hall Farm (NPS): 559 Union St.
Linda Lee Butler Interiors design shop (RIM Best of '10): 3064 East Main Rd.
Portsmouth Historical Society: E. Main Rd. and Union St.
Portsmouth Town Hall: 2200 East Main Rd.
Prudence Island/Sandy Point Lighthouse
Sandy Point Beach
Site of the Battle of Rhode Island
Teddy's Beach
Topiary Gardens: 380 Cory’s Lane

1 1/2 sculpture: off Thayer St.
10 Prime Steak & Sushi (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 55 Pine St.
755 Westminster Street (AIR)
Abyssinian Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant (RIM Best of '11 - Ethiopian): 333 Wickenden St.
Above Providence Optical Gallery: 75 Weybosset St.
Ada Books book store: 717 Westminster St.
Admiral Esek Hopkins Homestead (PPSRI): 97 Admiral St.
AIA RI Windows on Architecture Gallery: 158 Washington St.
Al Forno restaurant (Prov Phoenix Best of '11; RIM Best Pizza '11: Grilled): 577 S. Main St.
Allen Printworks: 27 Dryden La. (AIR)
Ama restaurant: 3 Luongo Square
Andrea Valentini (RIM Best of '11 - high fashion housewares): 200 Allens Ave.
America and Providence sculpture: Kennedy Plaza
Amica Building (plaques showing high water marks from the floods): 10 Weybosset St.
Andino's Restaurant: 171 Atwells Ave.
Angelo's Civita Farnese (RIM Best of '10)
Angkor Restaurant: 10 Traverse St.
Annmary Brown Mausoleum: 21 Brown St.
Antonio's restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: NY Style): 258 Thayer St.
Apsara restaurant (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 716 Public St.
The Arcade: 130 Westminster St. (PPSRI)
Ardeo restaurant at Water Place:
Asa Messer Elementary School: 158 Messer
AS220 (former Dreyfus Hotel): 121 Washington St.
AS220 Foo(d) (lunch counter at AS 220): 121 Washington St.
Athenaeum: 251 Benefit St.
Atlantic Mills: 100 Manton Ave. (AIR, PPSRI)
Atrium Gallery: 1Capitol Hill
The Avery (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 18 Luongo Memorial Sq.
Avon Cinema
Bacaro restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Grilled): 262 South Water St.
Bagel Gourmet (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 250 Brook St.
Bajnotti Fountain: Kennedy Plaza
Bank of America building: 111 Westminster St.
Bank RI Gallery: 1 Turks Head Place
Barnaby's Castle (PPSRI): 299 Broadway
Benefit Street
Benjamin Dyer Block (Western half): 219 Weybosset St. (PPSRI)
Bert Gallery: 540 S. Water St.
The Big Blue Bug (Nibbles Woodaway)
Big Nazo Lab: 60 Eddy St.
Big Rooster: Solitto's Liquor Mart, 905 Narragansett Blvd.
Biltmore Hotel: 11 Dorrance St.
Biltmore Spa: 11 Dorrance St.
Blackstone Park: East Side
Blue State Coffee: Thayer Street
Bob & Timmy's restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Grilled): 32 Spruce St.
Bombay Club restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 145 Dean St.
Bomes Theater: 1017 Broad St. (PPSRI)
Books on the Square (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best of): 471 Angell St.
The Box Office: 460 Harris Ave.
Bridge-Prop: College Green off Waterman St.
Broadway Bistro (RIM Best of '11 - scallops): 205 Broadway
Brown University sculpture: Winston Quadrangle off Brown St.
Brownell & Field Co.: 119 Harris Ave. (PPSRI)
Bruno (bear) sculpture: College Green off Waterman St.
Bubble Tea House: 849 Westminster St.
Buono's bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 559 Hartford Ave.
Burgess O'Gorman Buildings: 220 Westminster St. (AIR)
Cable Car Cinema: 204 S. Main St.
Cafe Nuovo: 1 Citizens Plaza
Calypso Cafe restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 385 Westminster St.
Camille's restaurant (Italian): 71 Bradford St.
Captain Joseph Tillinghast House: 403 S. Main St. (PPSRI)
Carr House
Carrie Tower: corner of Prospect and Waterman
Caserta Pizza (RIM Best Pizza: Sicilian): 121 Spruce St.
Castle Theater: 1039 Chalkstone Ave. (PPSRI)
Cathedral of St. John and Diocesan Properties: 271 N. Main St.(PPSRI)
CAV Restaurant IProv. Phoenix Best of '11): 14 Imperial Place
Cellar Stories (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best of): 111 Mathewson St.
Chabot Fine Art Gallery: 379 Atwells Ave.
Charlie's 404: 404 Benefit St.
The Chazan Gallery at Wheeler: 228 Angell St.
Chez Pascal*: 960  Hope St.
Chilango's restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 447 Manton Ave.
Cilantro Grill (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 127 Weybosset St.
Clad In clothing store: 497 Angell St.
College Hill Historic District
Collier Point Park
Columbus Statue: Elmwood and Reservoir Aves.
Columbus Theater: 270 Broadway
Congdon Street Park
Conley Wharf: 200 Allens Ave. (AIR)
Constance Witherby statue (Spirit of Youth): Blackstone Blvd. and Clarendon
Constantino's Ristorante Caffe (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 265 Atwells Ave.
Cook and Brown Public House: 959 Hope St.
Copacetic: 17 Peck St.
Corliss-Carrington House
Corliss Landing
The Cosmopolitan: 100 Fountain St. (AIR)
Culinary Archives & Museum
Corner of Cooke and George Streets
Dante sculpture: John Hay Library, 20 Prospect St.
David Winton Bell Gallery, List Art Center: 64 College St.
Daybreak sculpture: Benefit St. between Waterman and Angell Sts.
DeLuise Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 1251 Chalkstone Ave.
Depasquale Square: Atwells Ave.
Don Jose Tequilas restaurant (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 251 Atwells Ave.
Downcity restaurant: 50 Weybosset St.
Downtown Providence National Register District (PPSRI)
Duck & Bunny: 312 Wickenden St.
Dyerville Mill: 610 Manton Ave (AIR)
East Side Creamery: Ives Street
East Side Pockets (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 278 Thayer St.
East Side Railroad Tunnel (AIR)
Ebenezer Knight Dexter sculpture: Dexter Training Ground, Dexter and Parade Sts.
Ebisu (RIM Best of '10): 38 Pontiac Ave.
Eddy Estate Carriage House: 159 Sutton St. (AIR)
Edward Triangolo sculpture: Johnson & Wales, Weybosset St.
El Chapin restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 271 Plainfield St.
Elemental Theatre:
El Rancho Grande restuarant RIM Cheap Eats '10): 311 Plainfield St.
Engine Station 9: 5 Pallas St. (AIR)
Eno Fine Wines & Spirits:
Esek Hopkins sculpture: Hopkins Square, Branch Ave.
Everett Dance Theatre (RIM Best of '10): 9 Duncan Ave.
Everyman Bistro: 311 Iron Horse Way
Farmacy Herbs (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best Of): 28 Cemetery St.
Farmstead restaurant/cheese shop: 186 Wayland Ave.
Federal Hill: Atwells Ave.
Fellini restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: NY Style): 166 Wickenden St.
Firehouse 13: 41 Central St. (AIR)
First Baptist Meeting House
Fleet Library at RISD/15 West: 15 Westminster St. (AIR)
Fleur de Lys house (Providence Art Club)
Former RIDOT Headquarters and Garage: 30 Airline St. (PPSRI)
Fox Point Veterans Memorial: Wickenden and Benefit Sts.
The Foundry: 235 Promenade St. (AIR)
Fox Point Bath House: 455 Wickenden St. (AIR)
Friendship Cafe: 500 Broad St.
Frog and Toad gift shop: 795 Hope St.
Froyo World: 219 Thayer St.
Gallery 17 Peck: 309 Atwells Ave.
Gallery Belleau: 424 Wickenden St.
Gallery Z: 259 Atwells Ave.
General Ambrose Burnside House: 314 Benefit St.
Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches: Benefit St. (TWOP)
George C. Arnold Building: 100 Washington Street (AIR, PPSRI)
George Nathanael Greene sculpture: The State House
Guido's: 100 Hope St.
Guiseppe Garibaldi sculpture: Garibaldi Park, Atwells Ave.
Gondola Ride
Governor Henry Lippitt House, 199 Hope St.
Gracie's (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 194 Washington St.
Grave of General Ambrose Everett Burnside
Grave of General Thomas Wilson Dorr
Grave of H.P. Lovecraft
Grave of Stephen Hopkins
Grave of Sullivan Ballou
Group of Three: Pembroke Campus, off Meeting St.
Grove Street Elementary School: 95 Grove St (AIR, PPSRI)
Hakuri East restaurant (RIM Best of '11 - Fish): 172 Wayland Ave.
Harry's Bar and Burger (Prov Monthly 8/11 burgers): 121 N. Main St.
Haven Brothers Diner: 72 Spruce St.
Hand of Liberty sculpture: Price Hall Masonic Lodge, 883 Eddy St.
Heir Antiques: 65 Eddy St.
Hemenway's (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 121 S. Main St.
Heritage Trail: throughout the city
The Hiker statue: Kennedy Plaza
Hope St. Pizza (RIM Best Pizza '11: Greek): 772 Hope St.
Hotel Providence: 139 Mathewson St. (AIR)
Hudson St. Deli (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 68 Hudson St.
I Love Mexico restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 283 Smith St.
The Independent Man statue: atop the State House
India restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 1060 Hope St.
India Point Park
Jade East: Manton Ave.
John Brown House: 52 Power St.
John Hay Library: 20 Prospect St.
Julian's (seafood restaurant)*: 318 Broadway
Juniper: 229 Thayer St.
Kendrich-Prentice-Tirocchi House: 514 Broadway (PPSRI)
Kennedy Plaza: 25 Dorrance St.
Korean War Memorial: South Main St.
Krause Gallery: 250 Lloyd Ave.
Kreatelier (RIM Best of '09): 804 Hope St.
L'Elizabeth: 285 S. Main St.
La Laiterie*: 184-188 Wayland Ave.
Ladder 133 sports bar (RIM Best of '10): 133 Douglas Ave.
Ladd Observatory: Doyle Ave.
Launch at Gail Cahalan Gallery: 200 Allens Ave., Entry #1
Lawton Moving & Storage (former Pilgrim Congregational Church): 19 Harrison St. (AIR)
Liberty Elm (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 777 Elmwood Ave.
Little Rhody Cafe: 5 Day St.
Littlest Building in Providence: 66 Fountain St. (AIR)
Local 121:
The Locals (restaurant)*: 11 Waterman Ave.
Loie Fuller's: 1455 Westminster St.
Los Andes restaurant (Prov Phoenix/RIM Best of '11 - Bolivian): 903 Chalkstone Ave.
Machine Shop - Phenix Iron Foundry: 110 Elm St. (AIR)
Major General Ambrose Burnside statue: Kennedy Plaza
Mamie Ellen's Southern Vittles (RIM Best of '09): 568 Broad St.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus statue: Lincoln Field off Thayer St.
Market House: Market Square and South Main St. (AIR)
Marriott Renaissance Hotel (former Masonic Temple): 5 Avenue of the Arts (AIR)
McBride's Irish Pub (PDD): 161 Wayland Ave.
McCurdy's Junction House: 79 Ives.
McFadden's Pub: 52 Pine St.
McGlynn Sculpture Court: Providence College, 549 River Rd.
Metamorphosis sculpture: Rhode Island College, 600 Mount Pleasant College
Mexico Garibaldi restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 948 Atwells Ave.
Mi Guatemala restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 1049 Atwells Ave.
Mill's Tavern Restaurant: 101 N. Main St.
Mod Mama clothing store: 16 South Angell St.
Monohasset Mills (former Amington & Sims Engine Co): 530-532 Kinsley St. (AIR)
Morris J. Gaebe statue: Johnson & Wales University, Weybosset St.
Mosaic Latin American Bistro (RIM Best of '11 - Pan-American): 166 Valley St.
Mount Pleasant Branch, Providence Community Library: 315 Academy Ave.
Mowry Nicholson House: 57 Brownell St. (AIR)
MuMu Cuisine (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 220 Atwell's Ave.
Murphy's Bar & Deli: 55 Union St.
Nara Lounge (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 248 Atwells Ave.
Narragansett Electric Lighting House "Dynamo House"
Neighbor's Street, Fox Point (Providence's last cobble alley)
Nelson W. Aldrich House
New Rivers restaurant*: 7 Steeple St.
Nick's on Broadway (Prov Phoenix Best of '11)*: 500 Broadway
Nightingale-Brown House
Noodles 102 restaurant (Vietnamese) (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 102 Ives St.
North Burial Ground
Obscure Company Sit-a-Thon
Old Stone Bank
Oliver Hazard Perry statue: The State House
Olneyville New York System, 18 Plainfield St.
Original New York System, 424 Smith St.
Outlet Parking Garage: 100 Pine St.
Palmieri's Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 147 Ridge St.
Pane e Vino (restaurant):
Parkside (restaurant): 76 South Main St.
Pastiche (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 92 Spruce St.
Peace & Plenty Park: corner of Peace and Updike
Pecha Kucha Providence performances (RIM Best of '10): various locations
Pell Chafee Performance Center (AIR):
Perishable Theatre: 95 Empire St.
Peter Green House: 79 Brown Street (AIR)
Picture This Gallery: 48 Weybosset St.
Pizza Pie-er (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11; RIM Best Pizza '11: NY Style): 374 Wickenden St.
Porier's Diner: 1455 Westminster St. (AIR)
Post Office (World's first fully automated): Corliss Park
Pot au Feu: 44 Custom House St.
Preserve Rhode Island: 957 N. Main St.
Prospect Terrace Park: Congdon St.
Providence Art Club: 11 Thomas St.
Providence Children's Museum: 100 South St.
Providence Circus School: 104 Eleventh St.
Providence City Hall: 25 Dorrance St.
~The Gallery at City Hall
Providence College Galleries
Providence Grays Baseball Team
Providence House
Providence Public Library (Main Branch): Empire Street
Restaurant Tokyo: 388 Wickenden St.
Reverend Monseigneur Galliano Cavallaro: Atwells Ave. and Dean St.
Rhode House Creamery: 188 Atwells Ave.
Rhode Runner shoe store: 271 South Main St.
RI College Bannister Gallery: Roberts Hall 124, 500 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
RI Flower Show (RI Convention Center)
RI Hospital SW Pavillion: 593 Eddy St. (PPSRI)
RI Independence Trail
RI State Armory: 125 Dexter St. (AIR)
RISD - Orpheus Ascending: off Benefit St., on Front Terrace
RISD Memorial Hall: 266 Benefit St.
RISD Museum of Art: 224 Benefit St.
Rialto Theater: 121 Mathewson St. (AIR)
Rising Sun Mills: 166 Valley St. (AIR)
Rochambeau Library: 708 Hope St.
Roger Williams Landing Place Rock: Slate Rock Park and Power Sts.
Roger Williams National Memorial Park
Roger Williams Park
Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
Roger Williams Park Carousel
Hasbro's Boundless Playground
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Roger Williams statue: Prospect Terrace, Congdon St.
Rory Raven
Royal Gallery: 298 Atwells Ave.
Russian Sub Museum
S. 75-AL-America One sculpture: off Thayer St.
Sakura restaurant (Japanese): 231 Wickenden St.
Sawaddee Thai restaurant (RIM Best of '11 - salad): 93 Hope St.
The Scout: Kennedy Plaza
Sea Plane Diner: 307 Allens Ave.
Second Time Around (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best of): 294 Thayer St.
Seven Stars, West Side: 340 Broadway (AIR)
Shakespeare's Head Garden: 21 Meeting St.
Shanghai Bakery: 272 Thayer St.
The Shunned House: 135 Benefit St.
Sicilia's (RIM Best Pizza '11: Chicago): 181 Atwells Ave.
Siena restaurant (RIM Best of '10)
Silver Star bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 150 Ives St.
Sine Cera: 379 Broadway
Small Point Cafe (RIM Best of '11 - New Coffee Shop): 230 Westminster St.
Sneaker Junkies shoe store: 290 Thayer St.
Sol Koffler Gallery
Soldiers and Sailors Monument: Kennedy Plaza
Stanley's (restaurant): 371 Richmond St.
State House
The Steel Yard: 27 Sims Ave.
Steeple Street: 3-9 Steeple St. (AIR)
Stephen A. Hopkins House: 15 Hopkins St.
Studio Hop: 810 Hope St.
Swan Point Cemetery: 585 Blackstone Blvd.
Taste of India restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 230 Wickenden St.
Tazza Cafe (RIM Best of '11 - restaurant makeover): 250 Westminster St.
Temple Downtown (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 120 Francis St. (basement of Marriott Renaissance)
Temple Beth-El/Shaare Zedek Synagogue: 688 Broad St. (PPSRI)
Ten Prime Stak and Sushi (55 Pine St.)
Terminal Warehouse: 228 Allens Ave. (PPSRI)
Teste Block: 88 Dorrance St. (PPSRI)
Thai Star: 2088 Chalkstone Ave.
Thayer Street
Thomas A. Doyle sculpture: Broad and Chestnut Sts.
Thomas P. Ives House
Tini restaurant: 200 Washington St.
Tip C Cupcakes: 1270 Mineral Spring Ave.
Tomato City Pizza (RIM Best Pizza '11): 1041 Douglas Ave.
Top floor of the Sciences Library at Brown University (best view of the city?): 201 Thayer St.
Tortilla Flats restaurant (Mexican): 355 Hope St.
Trattoria Zooma restaurant (Italian) (RIM 1/11): 245 Atwells Ave.
Trinity Brewhouse pub (Prov. Phoenix 2010 Best of): 186 Fountain St.
Trinity Repertory Company:
Union Station: 1 Exchange Terr. (AIR)
United BBQ restaurant (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 146 Ives St.
University Hall, Brown University
Urn Fountain and Sconce Wall: Kennedy Plaza
URI Feinstein Campus Gallery: 80 Washington St.
Vartan Gregorian School: 245 Althea
Veritas Eternaliter Juvenis sculpture: Providence College, 549 River Ave.
Wanskuck Mills: 750 Branch Ave. (AIR)
Washington Park Library: 1316 Broad St.
Waterfire: Downcity in the Basin and the river
Waterplace Park
Wayland Square
Welded Iron Sculpture: Gardner-Jackson Park, South Main St.
West Broadway Elementary School: 29 Bainbridge
West Broadway Neighborhood Association (AIR): 1560 Westminster St.
Weybosset St. Facade: 35 Weybosset St. (AIR)
What Cheer Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (United Way) Building: 229 Waterman St. (PPSRI)
The Whiskey Republic restaurant (RIM Summer '11): 515 S. Water St.)
Wickenden Street
Wild Colonial
Wilkinson Building: 210 Westminster St. (AIR)
Wings Over Providence (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 725 Hope St.
Winston Clock Tower:
Woods-Gerry Mansion: 62 Prospect
World War I Memorial: South Main St.

Richmond Town Hall: 5 Richmond Townhouse Rd.


Hanes Memorial Park
Wild parakeets

Casey Farm: 2325 Boston Neck Rd.
Gilbert Stuart Birthplace: 815 Gilbert Stuart Rd.
Horse Play horse rescue:

Art Festival (RIM Best of '10)
Clayville Historic District
Ponaganset Falls
Scituate Town Hall: 195 Danielson Pike

Asahel Angell House: Limerock Rd.
Asahel Phetteplace House: Pleasant View Ave. and Swan Rd.
Bakery Boutique: 55 Douglas Pike
Beginnings: Bryant College, 1150 Douglas Pike
Benjamin Burlingame House: Burlingame Rd.
Col. Elisha Mowry House: John Mowry Rd.
Daniel Angell Tavern: Douglas Pike near Limerock Rd.
DePetrillo's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 105 Pleasant View Ave.
Effin's Last Resort restaurant (RIM Summer '11): 325 Farnum Pike
Elder Joshua Winsor house: Pleasant View Ave. SW of Anna McCabe School
Elisha Steere House: Pleasant View Ave. and Farnum Pike
Esmond Park: corner Farnum Pike and Esmond St.
Evans House: Log Rd.
Farnum House: Old Country Rd.
Georgiaville Pond
Hanton City
Harris House:
James Appleby House: Brayton Rd.
Jeremiah Smith: Limerock Rd.
John Appleby House: Old Forge Rd.
John Ballou House: Ridge Rd.
Joseph Olney House: Ridge Rd.
Major William Smith House: Farnum Pike, foot of Esmond St.
Mountaindale Beach
Mowry Homestead: Burlingame Rd.
One Bella Design stationery: 55 Douglas Pike
Philip Sweet House: Old County Rd.
Sculpture at Fidelity Investment Campus: 100 and 500 Salem St.
Smith House: Pleasant View Ave.
Smith-Appleby House Museum: 220 Stillwater Rd.
Smithfield Town Hall: 64 Farnum Pike
Spark's Toy & Hobby Shoppe (RIM Best of '10)
Thomas Appleby House: Williams Rd.
William P. Steere House: Capron Rd.
Yellow Tavern: Farnum Pike at Old Forge Rd.

South Kingstown
Canterbury Farm
Carpenters Beach Meadow: 854 Manutuck Beach Rd.
Clark Farms greenhouse (RIM Best of '10): 2984 Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry Highway (Matunuck)
East Matunuck State Beach: 950 Succotash Rd.
The Farmer's Daughter garden center (RIM Best of '10)
Hannah Robinson Rock
Jackson-Carter Memorial
Matunuck Oyster Bar: 629 Succotash Rd. (East Matunuck)
The Ocean Mist restaurant: 895 Matunuck Beach Rd.
South Kingstown Town Beach at Matunuck
South Kingstown Town Hall: 180 High St.
Trustom Pond wildlife refuge
Wakamo Park

Amicable Congregational Church: 3736 Main Rd.
A.P. White Store ("The Provender"): 3883 Main Rd.
Arnold Smith House: 3895 Main Rd.
Benjamin Barker House (NPS): 1229 Main Rd.
Benjamin F. Seabury House: 3842 Main Rd.
Bourne Mill (NPS): 844 State Ave.
Chase-Cory House: 3908 Main Rd.
Cook-Bateman Farm (NPS): Fogland and Puncatest Neck Rds.
Corn Crib (near Soule-Seabury House)
Cory Place
Davenport House
Fogland Beach/Tiverton Town Beach
Fort Barton Site (NPS): Lawton and Highland Aves.
Four Corners Grill: 3841 Main Rd.
Four Corners Arts Center: 3852 Main Rd.
Grinnell's Beach
The Grist Mill: 3948 Main Rd.
Grist Mill Store: 3952 Main Rd.
Hamilton Hoppin House (NPS): 120 Miantonomi Ave.
Hillside Cemetery
King Cottage 3924 Main Rd.
The Meeting House: 3850 Main Rd.
Nankeen tote shop (RIM Best of '10): 3848 Main Rd.
Newport Butterfly Zoo
Nonquit Grange: 3964 Main Rd.
Pardon Corey House: 3920 Main Rd.
Parsonage: 3804 Main Rd.
Preserved Tripp's Wheelwright Shop: 3949 Main Rd.
Sin and Flesh Brook
Soule-Seabury House: 3852 Main Rd.
Tiverton Town Hall: 343 Highland Rd.
Union Public Library: 3832 Main Rd.
Wilcox-Davol House: 3879 Main Rd.
Wilcox Family Cemetery (behind Wilcox-Davol House)
William Davenport House: 3998 Main Rd.

Kenyon Corn Meal Company

Bluebird Cafe: 554 Kingstown Rd.
Blue Moon Farm container plants (RIM Best of '10): 173 Saugatuck Rd.)
Brickley's Ice Cream (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 322 Main St.
Calvitto's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 90 Point Judith Rd.
China Garden restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 564 Kingstown
Dove and Distaff Interiors Rug Gallery (RIM Best of '10): 365 Main St.
Flowerthyme flower shop (RIM Best of '10): 365 Main St.
Mew's Tavern (RIM Best of '10; RIM Best Pizza '11: Neopolitan)

Bebop Burrito (RIM Best of '09): 40 Market St.
Bradford Mercantile (RIM Best of '10)
Federal Hill Pizza (RIM Best pizza '11: Neopolitan): 495 Main St.
Judge Samuel Randall House: 31 Baker St.
Imagine gift shop: 5 Miller St.
Maxwell House: Church and Water Sts.
O and G Studios
The Sunnyside restaurant (Prov Monthly 8/11): 267 Water St.
Trafford's: Water St.
Warren Town Beach
Warren Town Hall: 514 Main St.
Warren United Methodist Church and Parsonage (NPS): 27 Church St.
Warren Waterfront Historic District (NPS):
The Wooden Midshipman gift shop: 146 Water St.
Yes Gallery: Water Street

Aldrich Mansion
Apponaug Historic District (NPS): Post Rd.
Aspray Boat House
Bank Cafe
Budlong Farm (NPS): 585 Buttonwoods Ave.
Buttonwoods Beach Historic District
Caleb Gorton House (NPS): 987 Greenwich Ave.
Caleb Greene House: 15 Centerville Rd
Captain Oliver Gardener House (NPS): 4451 Post Rd.
Cenotaph of John Wickes, Esq.
Christopher Rhodes House (NPS): 25 Post Rd.
Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum: 4157 Post Rd.
Conimicut Point Park
Conimicut Shoal Lighthouse
Conimicut Village
Cowesett Pound (NPS): Cowesett Rd.
Crow's Nest restaurant (The Rhode Less Traveled): 288 Arnolds Neck Dr.
DePetrillo's Pizza and Bakery (RIM Best Pizza '11: strips): 1729 Warwick Ave.
District 4 School (NPS): 1515 W. Shore Rd.
Drum Rock
Eleven Forty Nine Restaurant (RIM Best of '10)
Elizabeth Spring (NPS)
Fat Belly's Pub (Prov. Phoenix Best of '11): 254 Old Forge Rd.
Forge Farm (NPS): 40 Forge Rd.
Forge Road Historic District (NPS)
Gaspee Point (NPS): Off Namquid Dr.
Gorton Pond
Greene-Bowen House (NPS): 698 Buttonwoods Ave.
Greene-Durfee House (NPS): 1272 W. Shore Rd.
Greenwich Mills (NPS): 42 Ladd St.
Hopeland (NPS): Wampanoag Rd.
Iggy's Doughboys (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 889 Oaklawn Beach
Indian Oaks (NPS): 836 Warwick Neck Ave.
John Waterman Arnold House (NPS): 11 Roger Williams Ave.
John R. Waterman House (NPS): 100 Old Homestead Rd.
Knight Estate: 486 East Ave.
Little Pond
Monster Mini-Golf (RIM Best of '11): 33 Lambert Lind Hwy.
Moses Greene House (NPS): 11 Economy Ave.
Oakland Beach
Oliver A. Wicks House (NPS): 794 Major Potter Rd.
Ozzie's Steakburgers (RIM Best of '09): 1795 Post Rd.
Pawtuxet Village Historic District
~Gaspee Days
Peter Greene House (NPS): 1124 W. Shore Rd.
Pontiac Mills (NPS): Knight St.
Rhode Island State Airport Terminal (NPS): 572 Occupasstuxet Rd.
Rocky Point (abandoned amusement park)
Royal Mills: 125 Providence St. (AIR)
Sand Pond
Sophia's Tuscan grille: 1729 Warwick Ave.
Sweet Indulgence (Prov Phoenix Best of '11): 905 Warwick Ave.
Warwick City Hall
Warwick City Park/Buttonwoods Beach
Warwick Civic Center Historic District (NPS): Post Rd.
Warwick Lighthouse
Warwick Museum of Art
Warwick Pond/Buckeye Brook
Warwick City Hall: 3275 Post Rd.

Watch Hill
Carousel: Bay St.
East Beach
Ocean House hotel and restaurant (RIM Best of '10): 1 Bluff Ave.
St. Clair Annex (Best Ice Cream, Yankee 8/11): 141 Bay St.

West Greenwich
Grave of Nellie L. Vaughn
Stephen Allen House (NPS): Sharp St.
Stepping Stone Falls
West Greenwich Baptist Church and Cemetery (NPS): Plain Meeting House & Liberty Hill Rds.
West Greenwich Town Hall: 280 Victory Highway

West Warwick
Arkwright Bridge (NPS)
Centreville Mill (NPS): 3 Bridal Ave.
Crompton Free Library (NPS): Main St.
Crompton Mill Historic District (NPS):
Lippitt Mill (NPS): 825 Main St.
Pinelli's: 701 Quaker Ln.
Royal Mill Complex (NPS): 125 Providence St.
Valley Queen Mill (NPS): 700 Providence St.
West Warwick Town Hall: 1170 Main St.
West Winds (NPS): 300 Wakefield St.

Atlantic Beach Park
Babcock-Smith House: 124 Granite St.
Bayview Fun Park (RIM Best of '11): 330 Atlantic Ave.
Bridge restaurant (RIM 8/11): 37 Main St.
Christina, Ltd. teen clothing stop: 1 Railroad Ave.
Florence Nightingale's Nursing Cap
Flying Horse Carousel
Langworthy Farm Winery: 308 Shore Rd.
Misquamicut State Beach: 257 Atlantic Rd.
Napatree Point
Pizza Place, The: 43 Broad St.
Senor Flaco's restaurant (RIM Cheap Eats '10): 15 Canal St.
Vetrano's Restaurant (RIM Best Pizza '11: Sicilian): 130 F Granite St.
Watch Hill Beach
Watch Hill Lighthouse
Westerly Town Beach
Westerly Town Hall: 45 Broad St.
Westerly Train Station
Wilcox Park

Kitchen and Table of Wickford kitchen shop (RIM Best of '10)68 Brown St.
Old Narragansett Church
Poplar Point Lighthouse
Updike Square
The Wickford Collection gift shop: 30 West Main St.
The Wickford Diner: 64 Brown St.

Civil War Monument: Monument Square, North Main St.
The Hiker sculpture: Front St.
Monseigneur Charles Daury sculpture: Precious Blood Church, 94 Carrington Ave.
Museum of Work and Culture
River Island Park
St. Anne's Art and Cultural Center
Stadium Theater
Woonsocket City Hall: 169 Main St.
World War II Memorial State Park

Bell School House Museum: Rtes 138 and 112

All Over....
Bowla Granola
Brown Bird folk duo
Clam cakes
Coffee milk
Del's lemonade
Duckpin bowling
East Bay Bike Path
French fries with vinegar
Girls Rock Rhode Island
Hewtin's Dogs Mobile (Chez Pascal) (house made rabbit sausage)
The Nate Mott Band
New York System wieners
Ocean State Curling
Pizza strips
RI International Film Festival
RI Museum of Science & Art (currently awaiting a permanent home)
Ten31 living statues
Theater of Thought
Those Guys (band)

*Uses Trace and Trust technology to track buying Wild Rhody fish
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