Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dining ~ Jigger's Diner, East Greenwich

145 Main St.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Jigger's Diner exterior

Bear and I decided to try Jigger's Diner today. I've read about them in several Rhode Island books and wanted to check them out. Since all the sources talked about their johnnycakes, that's what I ordered.

Bear is less adventurous and knows what she likes. She got a Monte Cristo, which she really liked. Our waitress also told us it was her own menu favorite.

But on to the johnnycakes... I haven't had them before, so I don't have a comparison. They look a lot like latkes, a smallish pancake based on potatoes, but these are made of white cornmeal. I liked them, although they probably would have been better with a side dish, perhaps applesauce or some sausage. Just a touch of syrup also helps add some flavor. I can't say whether Jigger's makes especially good johnnycake or not (compared to others), but I thought they were pretty good. Next time, I want to try the gingerbread cranberry pancakes.

The building is a 1947 Worcester Lunch Car. It's well-kept and very charming.

Jigger's Diner interior

It was very busy when we went in, but we were seated right away and Ed, the owner, took our drink orders from the counter. He checked on us regularly. Our waitress was also friendly. The food was served quickly with good presentation. We'll certainly go again.

Note: Ed recently lost a building in a fire. They're collecting for "Ed's Fire Fund."


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