Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video ~ Narragansett in 60

Narragansett in 60 from Paul Erickson Jr on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sights ~ Carr House ~ Providence

Dr. George W. Carr House
29 Waterman St.
Providence, Rhode Island

This is one of my favorite buildings in Providence. Built in 1885 for Dr. George W. Carr, in the Queen Anne style. Less than 100 years later it belonged to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). It houses offices and the Carr Haus cafe. I remember going to their cafe back in 1982-83.

Carr House Providence
I was so excited to see it again when we moved back to Rhode Island.

The building underwent major renovations in 2010
Carr House shrouded

and reopened in 2011, I think.

Carr House

It seemed as though we'd never see the inside of the cafe again - I wasn't even sure it was still in operation. But after some diligence, and a few disappointed visits to a locked door, we found it open.

Carr Haus cafe

Carr Haus cafe counter
Bear and I enjoyed drinks and ham and cheese croissants. They were tasty and inexpensive.

It was a real thrill to tour around the inside of the rest of the building. From the exterior, it seemed like it would be a real treat inside.

The double doors into the building on Waterman Street are beautifully carved, and lead to a reception area backed by a staircase to the upper levels.

Waterman Street doors


It looks like they still have the original floors there.

Carr Haus cafe is to the right, and to the left are a couple of student sitting areas.
The amazing architectural details carry through. I can only imagine what the house must have looked like when it was new and being used as a private home...

...before the extra office walls were built, landing fireplaces in rather awkward places.

Returning to the reception area, you can take the stairs up to the next floor. Overhead is an impressive (but dirty) stained glass skylight.
stained glass window

The Office of Student Life is on the second floor, and reflects the artistic nature of the school.
2nd floor corner office
This office is on the Waterman/Benefit St. corner turret and boasts an amazing view of the campus and First Baptist Church next door.

There are other offices, and the third floor and attic space, which is not yet renovated, but we were glad to finally get to see the inside of the building at all.

I wish there was some history available online about the building. Surely someone knows something about it. I couldn't find information on Dr. Carr or his family, or how the building came to be in RISD's possession.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sights ~ Roger Williams Statue ~ Roger Williams Park, Providence

The Roger Williams Statue sits near one of the entrances on Elmwood Ave. to Roger Williams Park. It displays a lifesize statue of Williams on a pediment, with a woman below etching his name into the stone. Williams is carrying a book that reads "Soul Liberty" and is dated 1636, the year he founded Providence.

Roger Williams Park

I really wish I could find information on the sculptor and the history of the statue, but there's very little out there about it.

Roger Williams Park

I'm sure the woman below him is an allegorical figure, but I'm not sure what she represents.

Roger Williams Park

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sights ~ Civil War Monument ~ Providence

The Civil War (or Soldier and Sailors) Memorial is located in Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence.

Civil War memorial

It was built in 1866-1871 by the architect Alfred Stone, under commission of prominent Rhode Island citizens including General Ambrose Burnside. The sculptor was Randolph Rogers, and was sculpted in Rome, then moved to Munich and assembled in Providence by the architect.

Civil War memorial statue

The sculpture depicts an armored female figure called "America Militant," her right hand extended with a wreath of laurels and her left hand holding a wreath of immortelles. The smaller statues below her represent the infantry, cavalry, artillery, and naval service. On the base is also a listing of Rhode Island Civil War men. Between the base projections bas-reliefs protray War, Victory, Peace, and History.

Sights ~ The Arcade ~ Providence

The Arcade
130 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Before we moved to Rhode Island we started following some of the local blogs and newspapers. That's how we found out that the Arcade was closing abruptly in July of 2008. I remembered the Arcade from our brief stint in the early 80's as a great place to hang out, with unique shops, local food and statement architecture.

The Arcade was built in 1828 by architects Russell Warren and James Bucklin, and is the oldest indoor shopping mall in the United States. It's in the Greek rectilinear temple style, with entrances on Westminster and Weybosset Streets, fronted by huge granite columns:
"the Westminster Street side is crowned with a pediment, and the Weybosset Street entrance is topped off by a stepped parapet. The story goes that the architects couldn't agree on a single unified design, so they each put their own stamp on the building." (

We had barely put our suitcases down before I dragged Bear, camera in hand, to see the Arcade before it closed.

arcade - Weybosset Street view

The exodus had already begun, and most of the storefronts were empty.
Arcade 1st floor interior

Arcade architectural marker

Arcade second floor

The building owners claimed that they had to make repairs, and had given the remaining stores a thirty-day eviction notice. It was being contested at the time we arrived.
arcade exterior stairs

The few hangers-on were doing business, hoping for an extension on the Arcade's closure. They did receive it, but despite just about everyone's hopes, the Arcade did ultimately close and remains closed today.
Ma's kitchen grinder

I sincerely hope that the repairs are made and that they're able to re-open the Arcade with great local shops. There's so much talent and industry in Rhode Island, it could surely fill the storefronts and make the Arcade the centerpiece of Downcity again.

Postcard Reprint Providence RI - The Arcade 1900-1909

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Events ~ 35th Annual Save the Bay Swim ~ Newport/Jamestown ~ July 23, 2011

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the save the Bay Swim. Swimmers and kayakers go from the Naval Station in Newport to Potters Cove in Jamestown to raise funds for Save the Bay, and to raise awareness of this important resource.

Swimmer registration is full, but you can still register to kayak or to cheer on the athletes. Or just as importantly, you can sponsor a swimmer:

Friday, June 24, 2011

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Capital Building
Capital Building by Here At All

Reading on Lincoln Field
Reading on Lincoln Field by Jsn.Skinner

in the red
in the red by JustineImbruglia

050911_18_prov_demo by jwessel

Rhode Island Hall
Rhode Island Hall by Ken Zirkel

20100619_506rev by KLout Photo®

reeds in the city
reeds in the city by kobrienjewelry

Rhode Island Classic
Rhode Island Classic by kristin82175

Hell Sky
Hell Sky by loki851

Comfort station comes down
Comfort station comes down by mary jane 43

Urban Peace
Urban Peace by MattJohnston401

Sailing by mike_dooley

Kentish Guards - East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Kentish Guards - East Greenwich, Rhode Island by misterfoto

Downcity #214
Downcity #214 by MyDay247

IMG_2276 by nat_19901

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, Rhode Island
Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, Rhode Island by nelights

IMG_4621 by little art-girl

Beach Rocks, Atlantic Beach Coastline
Beach Rocks, Atlantic Beach Coastline by Perpetual Twilight Photography

Bold Point Park
Bold Point Park by provbenson2009

Semipalmated Plover
Semipalmated Plover by R Joanne

037ed by red army photography

wieners and fries
wieners and fries by Rick Payette

Curves of the cliff walk
Curves of the cliff walk by robert.rinkel

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Events ~ Burnside Park Beer Garden Music Series ~ Providence