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Sights ~ Carrie Brown Bajnotti Memorial Fountain, Providence

Carrie Brown Bajnotti Memorial Fountain
Burnside Park
Providence, Rhode Island

Steps away from the Bank of America skating center and Kennedy Plaza is Burnside Park, which contains, among other statuary, the Carrie Brown Bajnotti Memorial Fountain.

Carrie Bajnotti memorial fountain

The fountain was a gift to the City of Providence by Paul Bajnotti, Italian diplomat, in memory of his wife, Carrie.

The information I've found on the fountain says that it was given in 1898, built in 1900 and that the sculpture by Enid Yandell was done in 1902. We'll just go with what's engraved on the basin surrounding the statue: "ERECTED AD MDCCCC A GIFT TO HONOR THE MEMORY OF CARRIE MATHILDE DAUGHTER OF THE LATE NICHOLAS BROWN OF PROVIDENCE FROM HER HUSBAND PAUL BAJNOTTI OF TURIN ITALY."

The basin of the fountain is made of granite and contains 234 spray outlets as well as a pinnacle spout.

The bronze sculptural part of the fountain is allegorical, titled "The Struggle of Life." It depicts the Angel of Life wearing the mantle of truth, struggling to break free from three male figures who represent earthly concerns: Duty, Passion and Avarice.
Carrie Bajnotti memorial fountain

Carrie Bajnotti memorial fountain

The sculptor, Enid Yandell, studied under Rodin and was part of a team of female sculptors who created the embellishments for the buildings in the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

Caroline "Carrie" Mathilde Brown married Count Paul Bajnotti of Turin, Italy in 1876. Although they lived mostly in Italy, Carrie and Paul retained strong ties to Providence. Carrie's grandfather was the benefactor of Brown University, which is named for him. After her death in 1896, Count Bajnotti commissioned the fountain as a memorial to her. He would go on to erect two more monuments to her memory.

The fountain was restored in 2002 by the Providence architectural firm of Durkee, Brown, Viveiros and Werenfels.


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