Thursday, July 21, 2011

Design ~ Providence house tour on Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy featured this charming house tour in Providence's East Side. Jeremy and Joe, their dog Lucy and their collections share space in a two bedroom, double-parlor house.

image: Apartment Therapy

image: Apartment Therapy
Jeremy designs typeface and Joe is a writer, and you can see their love and appreciation of type style and storytelling in their space.

image: Apartment Therapy


Peter Green said...

The place looks nice and neat. Thanks
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Quintin T. said...

The chair behind the window looks like a cosy furniture I could use when I want to read a book.
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Harry Davis said...

Don't you think that the table there seems to be out of place?
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Michael Carver said...

That blue chair is lovely, but I think it's also out of place. The living room is perfect though, with the use of natural light and foliage.

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Florence Carole said...

Yes, the blue chair is kind of out of place. Why not place it near the window or near the sofa.

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investment property said...

I love the blue chair with the dog pillow. Where can I buy these?

andreafox21 said...

Who made your design. I love that its so organized and color coordinated.

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Sam said...

The featured house only shows what they can offer to us. I think it's a good idea to live there. I'll definitely consider that place.

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new homes for sale connecticut said...

I have to disagree with Harry, the chair looks perfect there.

Allen Bates said...

The place looks great. I'd like to retire in a cool place like that.
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