Friday, November 19, 2010

From the I {heart} Rhody Flick Group

Bristol Ferry Lighthouse, Rhode Island
"Bristol Ferry Lighthouse, Rhode Island" by nelights

Smiles all Around
"Smiles all Around" by SteelToad

Rock piles
"Rock piles" by katie47n

Brenton Point, Newport RI
"Brenton Point, Newport RI" by pvdEric

Summer Butterfly
"Summer Butterfly" by BlueisCoool

Fall at Meshanticut Lake, Cranston RI
"Fall at Meshanticut Lake, Cranston RI" by RIRed1

sunset stroll
"sunset stroll" by jaki good

WaterFire, Providence
"WaterFire, Providence" by metroblossom

Newport RI
"Newport RI" by leasaunt

"Newport" by Chuck Robinson

Family cruise
"Family cruise" by minutemen1775

Star light, Star Bright
"Star light, Star Bright" by DAYofTheDead

"Château-sur-Mer" by kpmst7

Rhode Island Trees
"Rhode Island Trees" by Rich Burroughs


maryt/theteach said...

Incredible shots, Erika! Those rock piles are also called "cairns." :)

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