Monday, March 7, 2011

Sights ~ Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, Providence

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
Providence, Rhode Island

botanical center greenhouse
entrance to the greenhouse

Bear is turning 16 this year, and already we're looking at venues for her Sweet Sixteen party. Tops on the list is the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park.

We checked it out this weekend, and it's perfect.

For a December birthday, what could be more magical than a tropically warm, lush and flower-laden environment? The greenhouses have that in spades, along with fountains, koi and cleverly hidden statues.

We walked into the main greenhouse entrance and the first sight to greet us was the fountain and reflecting pool, surrounded by exotic plants.
Reflecting pool

We spent a lot of time investigating the flowers:

plant flamingo plant pink flowers

There was a section that's tended by the Rhode Island Orchid Society. Such beautiful blooms:


orchid garden

There were even some that looked like Lewis Carroll's "momeraths" from Through the Looking Glass.

And a gigantic black agave that looked like something out of a science fiction movie. I've only seen these guys in little terraria before, so it was freaky to see one this big.
Big honkin agave plant

I spent a ridiculous amount of time lying flat on my stomach, photographing the koi.

The large white one, which we named "angel" because of the way his fins resemble wings, was clearly king of the pond.
Angel the fish

We noticed an area reserved for carnivorous plants (currently under renovations) and were excited to see progress on the moon gate that is under construction.

There weren't any people there to give much explanation of the history of the center, or the plants for that matter. But there is a station with plenty of books if you want to flip through them.

The Botanical Center is our first choice for Bear's party - I can only imagine how it looks at the holidays. I'm sure we'll go back time and again to see it in all its seasons.


Johnny Rivera said...

Lovely pictures, really love the white fish. Thanks for sharing our beautiful Providence, RI with us :D

boliyou said...

Thanks for your comments. I love showing off all the gems in our community :)

Meg said...

i got married there! seriously great venue. (saw your carousel post as well, that's where we had a lot of photos taken!)

Erika said...

Thanks Meg! Bear is very excited about the prospect.

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