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Back when I was compiling the list of things to see and do in Rhode Island, I read about Neighbor's Lane. I can't quite remember where, but I recall that it was supposed to be one of the few remaining cobblestone streets in the city. This year, I set out to find it.

Neighbor's Lane from John St.

Neighbor's Lane is a narrow carriage path between John Street and Williams Street on College Hill.

Lippitt-Green House (rear) from Neighbor's Lane

On John Street it emerges between number 14, the Lippitt-Green House, built 1803-1812 (once the home of Gov./Sen. T. F. Green), and 16, the John D. Jones House from 1844.

Over on Williams Street, it comes out between the Cromwell Barney House (91 Williams St., ca 1800) and the West Pope House (ca 1799).

Neighbor's Lane from Williams St.

So the street has clearly been around for awhile. I couldn't figure out why it was never paved over, but luckily it managed to avoid asphalt. It was preserved and refurbished in 2000 and received a State Historic Preservation Award.

Today it's a charming reminder of what all the paved streets were at the time. I don't know how many people stop by to check out the Lane, but clearly the neighbors have a sense of whimsy about it.

brightly-colored garden knicknacks


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