Dining~ Federal Hill Pizza ~ Providence

Federal Hill Pizza
in the former Castle Theater
1039 Chalkstone Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 331-3310

Sometimes my timing just stinks.

Way back in October of 2016, I had the awesome opportunity to visit with Chef William "Billy" Manzo, Jr. He took me on a tour of the Castle Theater, which Chef Billy and his wife Christine were in the process of restoring and converting  the former Castle Theater to the second location for their Federal Hill Pizza. The first location is in Warren.

Then....stuff happened...

The next thing I know, Federal Hill Pizza is open for business and I have yet to write a post about the restoration process. *sigh*

That didn't stop me from taking the family out for dinner.

Our dinner started with mac and cheese croquettes and rice balls with pancetta and mozzarella.

Our pizzas included a plain cheese, Owner's Favorite (fresh mozzarella, red sauce, prosciutto, mushrooms, goat cheese and basil cooked well-done), and a pepperoni and meatball pizza.

As you can see, the food was too appealing for hungry children to wait for photos.

Everyone was very happy with their pizza. Megan declared the Owner's Favorite her favorite as well. Two-year-old Peppy made a meal out of the mac and cheese croquettes - a real kid-pleaser.

Service was exceptional. Everyone was so welcoming and unflapped by the antics of four young, hangry children. Chef Billy stopped by and chatted with us and the kids. He genuinely engaged with them, and we really felt that he was glad to have us.

In the back of the main dining room, pizza prep and the woodfire ovens are open view. We entertained the kids with watching pizza dough spin for quite a while.

Federal Hill Pizza is our new "pizza night" family place.


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