Sights ~ Hachikō statue ~ Woonsocket

Hachikō statue
Woonsocket Depot
1 Depot Square
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Have you heard the story of Hachikō?  He was an Akita dog, the pet of Professor Hidesaburō Ueno and his family.

Professor Ueno adopted Hachikō in 1924, and for more than a year, Hachikō accompanied him to the Shibuya train station for his morning commute to Tokyo University. At the end of the day, Hachikō would leave the family home and return to the tram station to wait for Ueno to return. Until one day...

Professor Ueno suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at work, and died. Hachikō went to meet him that day at Shibuya Station, but of course Ueno didn't return. So Hachikō went again the next day. And the next. All told, Hachikō went to the station to wait for his master every day for nine years, nine months and 15 days, until his own death in 1935.

Hachikō's dedication inspired those who heard his story. He's a national hero in Japan.

In 2009, Hachi: A Dog's Tale, a movie based on Hachikō's life, was released. It starred Richard Gere and three Akita dogs: Forrest, Leyla, and Chico, as Hachi. Much of the movie was shot in Bristol and Woonsocket. It's on my "one of these days I should watch this" list.

Today, in honor of Hachikō and a treat for visitors, there is a statue of the Akita at the Woonsocket Train Depot. Fans of the movie can follow the "Hachi Trail" to see film locations.


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