Dining~ Knead Donuts ~ Providence

Fresh, local donuts are all the rage here lately. First it was PVDonuts, which opened a couple of years ago and is still going strong. You'll see a line out the door, sometimes stretching more than a block, at their shop on Ives in Fox Point.

More recently, Knead Donuts opened at 32 Custom House Street, right near the Arcade. The building itself, erected in 1875, used to be the Real Estate Title Insurance building. Today it houses 10 luxury apartments, and Knead on the first floor.

Step inside...

The interior is a minimalist's paradise, with white subway tile walls and light wood tables and chairs.

The pops of color come from the doughnuts themselves, in the bright pinks of the raspberry fritter, the sunny yellow of lemon and the deep, textured orange/brown of popovers. Popovers!

These doughnuts are rightly the star of the show. Slightly crisp outside, soft and fresh inside, flavorful without being overly sweet.

The popover is a savory treat with cheese and herbs. Delicious! I went back the next day for another.


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