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Dining~ Knead Donuts ~ Providence

Fresh, local donuts are all the rage here lately. First it was PVDonuts, which opened a couple of years ago and is still going strong. You'll see a line out the door, sometimes stretching more than a block, at their shop on Ives in Fox Point.

More recently, Knead Donuts opened at 32 Custom House Street, right near the Arcade. The building itself, erected in 1875, used to be the Real Estate Title Insurance building. Today it houses 10 luxury apartments, and Knead on the first floor.

Step inside...

The interior is a minimalist's paradise, with white subway tile walls and light wood tables and chairs.

The pops of color come from the doughnuts themselves, in the bright pinks of the raspberry fritter, the sunny yellow of lemon and the deep, textured orange/brown of popovers. Popovers!

These doughnuts are rightly the star of the show. Slightly crisp outside, soft and fresh inside, flavorful without being overly sweet.

The popover is a savory treat with cheese and herbs. Delicious! I…

Performing arts ~ "Don't Be Evil" ~ Burbage Theater Company ~ Providence

Burbage Theatre Co.
Aurora Providence
276 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

The lights come up.

A door. Two chairs. A table.

A man with a bag over his head. His hands are cuffed behind him.

Those are the first moments of Don't Be Evil, by Bennett Fisher, described on Burbage's website as a "...dark comedy about interrogation and innovation[;] a computer programmer is arrested after the search engine he designs answers “yes” to the question “is the government of the United States evil?”"

Whuh-oh. As you'd expect, the government of the United States is not amused. Agents Hayes (Allison Crews) and Kavanaugh (Andrew Iacovelli) try to convince programmer William Webster (Dillon Medina) to figure out how to change the answer.

In a single room set of blank and colorless walls and floor, the scenes quickly become claustrophobic. And as Webster struggles to get think faster than his algorithm, it seems time is running short. The agents may have to send for Murdock …

Events ~ Terror Con ~ Providence


PROVIDENCE, RI January 23, 2017 – Altered Reality Entertainment, owners of Rhode Island Comic Con, the Biggest Show in the Smallest State, celebrates the return of Terror Con with a Halloween Reunion.

Terror Con, which returns to the Rhode Island Convention Center after a two-season hiatus, welcomesMalcom McDowell, Tyler Mane, and Scout Taylor-Compton in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the 2007 remake of the original movie by Rob Zombie.

Throughout a career spanning over fifty years, McDowell is perhaps best known for the controversial roles of Alex DeLarge in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, the title character in Tinto Brass' Caligula, and Mick Travis in Lindsay Anderson's trilogy of if...., O Lucky Man! and Britannia Hospital. He is also known for his work in Cat People, Tank Girl, and The Artist. McDowell has had recurring roles in numerous television series such as Entourage, Heroes, and The Mentalist.

Tyler Mane is …

Book review ~ A Revolting Transaction ~ Barnaby Conrad

Most people in Providence know Barnaby Castle. It's an elaborate Victorian mansion on Broadway, which had been gliding gracefully into disrepair for years, until restoration began in the last couple of years. What most don't realize is that there's a murder mystery attached to the house.

Josephine Barnaby, the widow of the successful merchant who built the house, was murdered by poison in a bottle of "whiskey" that was sent to her through the mail. She was in Colorado, and the bottle was mailed from Boston, using stamps from Providence. It was the first known - and possibly only - case of murder by mail in the U.S. There's a collection of possible suspects, though it's no spoiler to say that her doctor, Thomas Graves, was initially convicted.

The history is written by Barnaby Conrad, Josephine's great grandson. It's thoroughly researched, although he injects quite a bit of personal opinion into the text. It's definitely a worthwhile read for …