Shop Local ~ Chamonix Antiques ~ Providence

I recently popped into the Arcade after work. I'd heard there was a new antiques store, and I was curious. After all... antiques, right?

I found Chamonix Antiques, as promised.

What I didn't realize is that this is a satellite location for their main store in Scituate.

While the Scituate store has a little bit of everything, the Arcade shop mainly specializes in Mid Century Modern. They have a little bit of everything, from decor to furniture to jewelry and ephemera.

What both locations also have is Nick. Nick and his wife are the owners/proprietors of both locations, and he's led a storied life even before starting Chamonix.  From selling used cars to working in television with a number of stops along the way, Nick has great stories to tell, and a particular knack for guessing your birth month. Also? Chamonix has a slammin' Insta.

I'll be checking back as I add to my little studio apartment. I'm sure to stumble across something great.


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