Guest post ~ Now that creepy-crawly season is over...

...local pest control expert Bill Horgan has some tips for keeping them out, in this guest post**.

Pest Control and Avoidance
One of the biggest challenges any homeowner faces, particularly if they live in a historic property, is pest control. Houses dating back to the early 20th Century and beyond are more porous than modern domiciles, and that can be a magnet to various types of household pest, particularly in the winter months, when all kinds of critters, bugs and creepy-crawlies are looking for somewhere to nest.

Rhode Island has more than its fair share of such pests, but thankfully there are some simple measures homeowners can take that can help drastically reduce the chance of infestation, without harming the environment or causing too much disruption to you and your family.


Mice are one of the most common household pests, and though they may be very cute they can help spread disease, particularly in kitchen areas, and gnaw their way through furnishings and electrics.

Mice are soft-boned, which means they can squeeze their way through even the smallest of gaps, but you can block their entry points by fastening bristle strips to the bottoms of doors, sealing the holes around pipework and covering airbricks and vents with a fine mesh.

Keep lawns neatly trimmed throughout the year to prevent mice nesting near your property, and leave a gap between your building’s foundations and the garden. Mice are also expert climbers, so be sure to fix any damaged roofing!

Termites, Beetles and Wasps

We apologise if this makes you feel a little itchy or scratchy, but there are a great many different kinds of insect that can find their way into Rhode Island properties, and not only historic homes but more recent builds.

If the lumber used in construction (e.g. for sill plates, joists and lolly columns) wasn’t pressure treated before being installed, it may already be infested with powder post beetles. These bugs can do precisely what their name suggests – burrowing through wood until it becomes powdery. There isn’t much that can be done to prevent powder post beetle infestation, but if tackled quickly enough
pest control professionals can eliminate them completely.

The same goes for termites and carpenter ants, which are drawn towards damp wood. Termites thrive in every single US state except Alaska. Damp wood, such as an untreated sill plate, is highly attractive to termites, and will draw them towards the property. An environmentally friendly treatment such as Sentricon® can eliminate entire colonies of termites with minimal disruption, and
is used at such historic locations as New Orleans’ French Quarter and even the White House.

Yellow jackets, hornets and wasps – along with various breeds of beetle – can make their way into the wall cavities of a property through gaps around windows and door frames, especially in the winter, so make sure these are properly sealed.

Bed Bugs
There’s a common misconception that bed bugs only infest unhygienic  properties. Truthfully, the bed bug really isn’t that fussy about where it makes its home. They are most often carried from place to place by people, who are often unaware that they’re being used for a free ride. That’s why hotels and college dormitories have such a hard time tackling the problem.

To reduce the chances of infestation, be sure to check for bedbugs whenever travelling. If you spot evidence of bedbugs in a hotel room, change rooms or even hotels. You don’t want them coming back with you. If your property does become infested, you’ll probably need to call in the professionals, but again there are more environmentally friendly, “chemical free” heat treatments that can be used to get rid and them!

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Author Bio
Bill Horgan is the owner of Debug Pest Control, a pest control company based in Rhode Island and operating across RI, southeast MA and eastern CT.

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**not a sponsored or otherwise compensated post.


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