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Press release ~ Contemporary Theater Company's An Evening with Donner and Blitzen ~ Wakefield

WAKEFIELD – The Contemporary Theater Company is bringing all the Christmas cheer this season with An Evening with Donner and Blitzen. Artistic Director Christopher Simpson and Amelia Giles star in this show full of carols, original songs, and a heartwarming story! The show runs from December 2 to 23.

Alongside Tyler Brown as the deadpan piano accompanist, Simpson and Giles play Donner and Blitzen, a variety duo who come together for a Christmas show every year. We follow them through years of Christmases as their lives and the times change.

The new work is written by the Contemporary Theater Company’s playwright-in-residence Andy Hoover, with original music by Brandon Michael Lowden.

“There's something constant about the Christmas holiday that's both extremely charming and -- to me, anyway -- very soothing,” says Hoover.

This is Hoover’s third Christmas show for the company, and sixth play produced at the CTC. Lowden has also written a Christmas show for the CTC, and both wri…

Makers ~ Irene Ora Newton-McClenning ~ Cranston

Artist’s name: Irene Ora Newton-McClenning
Shop name: Lumen Naturae

1. Tell us about your work
I make self-care products using herbs and natural ingredients. My products include aroma sprays, lip balms, teas, and oils which support women’s health. Everything is chemical free and vegan (contains no animal products). I believe that self care is a much needed daily practice in everyone's lives and my products help with that.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business?
Lumen Naturae means the light of nature, or the light within the darkness. I first came across this while reading works by the great analytical psychologist, C.G. Jung. He was a very connected and spiritual being. Alchemists believe that one must bring together both the light and the darkness around you to find your true path and balance in life. This really resinated with me, and I knew that I could express this through working with …

Makers ~ Mary Hunt ~ Warren

Artist’s name: Mary Hunt
Shop name: Hey, it's Mary Bags! (sold in RI at Made in Warren and Grapes & Grains)
Blog: I should probably do that...
Twitter: @heyitsmarybags
Instagram: @heyitsmarybags

1. Tell us about your work
I design and manufacture handcrafted wine, book and market totes, mostly featuring nautical themes and up-cycled sailboat rigging. I'm a sailor, and draw much of my inspiration from nature and minimalism.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business?
Ha - yes: While working on an ambulance several years back, I knew it would be a long day/night, and I would need a snack. I bought a bag of donuts to have on hand for the shift, and while waiting for the next call to come in, ate them all. My partner on the truck noted that he "knew a fella called Joey Baggadonuts," and would now call me "Mary Baggadonuts." I laughed it off, but unbeknownst to me, the name took hold, and next…

Guest post ~ Now that creepy-crawly season is over...

...local pest control expert Bill Horgan has some tips for keeping them out, in this guest post**.

Pest Control and Avoidance
One of the biggest challenges any homeowner faces, particularly if they live in a historic property, is pest control. Houses dating back to the early 20th Century and beyond are more porous than modern domiciles, and that can be a magnet to various types of household pest, particularly in the winter months, when all kinds of critters, bugs and creepy-crawlies are looking for somewhere to nest.

Rhode Island has more than its fair share of such pests, but thankfully there are some simple measures homeowners can take that can help drastically reduce the chance of infestation, without harming the environment or causing too much disruption to you and your family.


Mice are one of the most common household pests, and though they may be very cute they can help spread disease, particularly in kitchen areas, and gnaw their way through furnishings and electrics.

Mice a…