Press Release ~ Burbage announces their 2016-2017 Season at Aurora Providence.

Through the eyes of Othello’s martyred wife, we see the story that Shakespeare neglected. Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel gives Desdemona a richer and more complicated life than even her jealous husband could suspect. Along with Emelia, her trusty fille-de-chambre, Desdemona engages with questions of gender, sex, religion, and relationships in a world that fails to acknowledge how limitless women can be.
Two hospital patients fall in love in a play written before the audience’s eyes. Lovers and storytellers cope with the expectations and disappointments of art and humanity in this masterfully spun play about the creative process and life itself. Will Eno puts his poetic language and enigmatic characters to good use, leading the audience to simple, poignant, and necessary truths.
In this dark comedy about interrogation and innovation, a computer programmer is arrested after the search engine he designs answers “yes” to the question “is the government of the United States evil?” Desperate, he strikes a deal with his captors, agreeing to resign the software in exchange for his freedom. As they work to understand the search engine’s answer and how to change it, both the programmer and his persecutors begin to question their faith, their ability, and whether it is possible to do something good in the service of something evil.
In Richard Bean's adaptation of the classic "Servant of Two Masters", one man's distress is the audience's delight. Francis Henshall finds himself over-employed and tasked with keeping his two bosses apart. In doing so, our hungry hero ends up entangled in a chaotic plot of murder and love in this overblown classic comedy. 


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