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Events ~ Historic Tales of Jamestown ~ Newport


Historic Tales of Jamestown A May 19, 2016 author talk with Sue Maden & Rosemary Enright
Newport, RI – From tales of shipwrecks to summer days long past, discover the fascinating history of Jamestown, RI during the Newport Historical Society’s May 19, 2016 talk Historic Tales of Jamestown when authors Sue Maden and Rosemary Enright share stories of Jamestown’s 350 year history.

Learn how the town was home to Camps Bailey and Meade, two training facilities for Union troops during the Civil War. Hear about the steam ferries that crossed Narragansett Bay beginning in 1873 and how people traveled to the island to sample the town’s leisure and entertainment opportunities. Explore how Beavertail Lighthouse and “Clingstone” stand as iconic landmarks long after their construction, and how the opening of the Jamestown Bridge in 1940 changed the area’s development.

Historic Tales of Jamestown is the latest addition to The History Press’ American Chronicles series. The book…

Rhody bloggers ~ Michelle Meek ~ Providence

Blogger’s name: Michele Meek
Blog name: The Rhode Less Traveled

1. Tell us about your blog.
The Rhode Less Traveled is a blog about great things from the small state of Rhode Island. We write about food, culture, and other activities for those living or visiting the state, and we offer some advice for those considering moving to the state.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your blog?
After having lived in New York and Boston and having spent extended time in Europe, our decision to move to Providence felt a bit like taking the “road less traveled.” And, well, it’s hard to resist a pun. So, The Rhode Less Traveled just fit. And I still believe that Rhode Island has been largely undiscovered—which may be part of what makes it great.

3. How did you get started?
I’ve always been a writer. In fact, the most consistent thing I could say about myself would be that I write. I started to write a book when I …

Makers ~ Maria and Amanda Oliveira ~ Lincoln

Artist’s name: Maria and Amanda Oliveira
Shop name: Oliveira Crafts

1. Tell us about your work
We make a large variety of items from doilies and pillows to hand crochet accessories and blankets. The environment is very important to us and we use recycled items to help make our crafts.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business?
I love crafting and creating things so my daughter suggested selling Items on Etsy and we became a team and created a family business. We named our shop Oliveira Crafts after our last name because it felt more personal.

3. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I started crafting in my teens for fun and now I'm sixty. My daughter recommended we sell my creations and since last summer we have made it a profession.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I have grown up in a very crafty family. I would watch my aunt do embroid…

Makers ~ Noah Anacleto ~ Providence

Artist's Name: Noah M. Anacleto (a.k.a. "Babs Adonai")
Shop name: The Ark and Wine
Instagram: @thearkandwine

1. Tell us about your work
I refer to the broad, occasionally schizophrenic spectrum of my work as "bizarre, unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade, &/or vintage oddities with an affinity for witchery, queerness, camp, kitsch, & smut."

The majority of my work lately is one-of-kind pieces &/ or limited run series. My process involves drawing inspiration from my surroundings, repurposing of found objects, and exploring the intersection of the natural with the artificial. Sometimes the things I create are well-planned and fully thought out, often times though they begin as a curious experiment and turn into something I've come to embrace as an "elegant atrocity.&…