Sights ~ Caesar Augustus ~ Providence

Tucked outside the Sharp refectory in the Wriston Quad at Brown University is a bronze statue of Caesar Augustus. It was first dedicated by Moses B. I. Goddard in 1906.

The statue is an exact replica of  the marble Augustus of Prima Porta statue, now in the Vatican Museum.

For those without the classical education experienced at Brown in 1906, Caesar Augustus was the first Roman emperor, and founder of the Roman Empire.

By Till Niermann - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Augustus has had an adventurous existence at Brown. In 1938, his raised right arm was blown away by the Great Hurricane. It's still gone, exposing the wood support inside.

He's had a few tussles with local students, as well, who have bedecked him with shirts, necklaces, hats, sociopolitical ephemera, and graffiti. At one point his other arm was removed and replaced.

And although he's been moved during his long career, after 110 years, he still stands at Brown.


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