Shop local ~ Rhody Craft announces new RI t-shirts


Rhody Craft partners with local artists to create unique line of
Rhode Island T-Shirts

Locally owned, Rhody Craft sells a carefully curated, eclectic collection of locally hand-made art & craft, and more.

Rhody Craft has teamed up with a variety of local artists and designers to create the most unique, not-your-airport-gift shop-quality Rhodycentric t-shirt line available. Rhody Craft is working with artists from other mediums to adapt their work to a fashion format, referring them to local screenprinters and walking them through the process of sourcing and printing shirts. Just as owner Kim Clark was generously walked through the process by local designer Courtney Church (Periodically Inspired). This pay it forward approach has had spectacular results.

Rhody Craft works with artists to bring successful designs to the marketplace in innovative ways. Some artists choose to have their own shirts printed in consultation with the store while others prefer that Rhody Craft handle the upfront cost and time of printing shirts allowing them the opportunity to bring an original shirt to market without risk. With these unique agreements, everyone wins, especially folks who love a good shirt featuring unique aspects of their favorite state. Rhody Craft is consistently thinking outside the box to support local artists and bring fun new items to market.

Rhody Craft is the exclusive outlet for the “Rhode Island Red” tee designed by owner Clark. “Providence, Weird since 1636” by fine artist Jenna Goldberg. “Providence Power” by local photographer, mixed media artist Deb Hickey and “I Quo RI” by Art Director Wendy Beckett. Rhody Craft worked with graphic designer Anne Berg to put her beloved “Where the Almacs used to be” tee back into production.

Reaction to the new shirts have been predictably phenomenal from a populace that both loves their state, as well as appreciates good design. Rhody Craft is excited to work with more local artists to give voice and image to the quirky, well-loved aspects of our state.

Where: Rhody Craft, 780 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906

Kim Clark
780 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906


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