The search continues...

My sister is the family genealogist. Through her intrepid research, she's traced one branch of our family history back to the 800s in Denmark.

She contacted me excitedly when she learned that our 10th great-grandfather, William Sabin (1609-1687), is buried in what is now Warren, Rhode Island. See, Bristol County, Rhode Island was once part of Massachusetts, but was ceded to Rhode Island in 1693.

Following through to find-a-grave, it appears that he's buried in Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Warren #3 (Kickemuit).

RI Historical Cemetery Warren #3

This past weekend, Megan, Bear and I went to visit Kickemuit Cemetery to see if we could locate the grave of our great x 10 grandfather.

There are only about 400 graves in Kickemuit, but if Will Sabin is there, we didn't find him.

RI Historical Cemetery Warren #3
It was still a nice stroll through a historic cemetery, appreciating the history and traditional taphs from the era.

RI Historical Cemetery Warren #3 - gravestone

One notable Rhode Islander in this cemetery is the last Colonial Governor, Josias Lyndon.
RI Historical Cemetery Warren #3 - grave of grave of Governor Josias Lyndon

Looking further into the Sabin side of the family found connections to Thurber, Thayer, and Eddy. More of a Rhode Island connection than I ever imagined.

Are there any notable Rhode Islanders in your ancestry?


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