Dining ~ Momo ~ Providence

100 Washington St.
Providence, Rhode Island

It was pouring rain and I had an hour to kill before the theater. I was debating my options when I walked right by Momo. It's open!

I'd seen the shop when it was still under construction, and was looking forward to trying it. Pre-theater was the perfect opportunity.

The inside is clean, minimalist and funky. There was exactly one two-seater table. The owner promises that more are on their way.

But you don't want to sit down while you wait for this street food. The assembly is an art form: artfully arranged and presented like a small bouquet.

My Angus Short Rib crepe (below) was full of crisp, super-fresh vegetables and smoky chipotle.

For research (just research, of course) I had to try one of the dessert crepes. The Chocolate Nut Party is filled with chocolate ice cream, almonds, pistachio, chocolate sauce, whipped yogurt, chocolate custard cream, and chocolates. And those little chocolates? Bliss.

This is our new place for a quick, inexpensive Downcity bite. I've already told my parents about it, and they're excited to give it a try.


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