Shop local ~ Newport Jerky Company

Newport Jerky Company
424 Thames St.
Newport, Rhode Island

I've seen the Newport Jerky Company's booth at just about every convention or fest that I've gone to, including the recent Brew Fest. A few times, I've bought one of the sample bundles with the intention of reviewing them. The sight of that brown cylinder with the alligator logo delights my grandchildren.

Despite my New Year's Resolution to give up ground and/or processed meats (farewell meatball pizza... subs... hotdogs...), I picked up a variety pack of jerky. It was a real hardship (sarcasm).

The sampler comes with ten flavors: Alligator, Ostrich, Reindeer, Venison, Maple Duck, Ostrich, Buffalo, Elk, Boar, and Kangaroo.

Most are the general shape and size of a slim jim, and do taste different from each other, not only as a result of the different meats, but the spices used as well. Your own tastes will point you to your favorite.

Newport Jerky Company has two locations in the state. One is on Thames, and the other in downtown Newport. And they carry more than jerky. There's everything from condiments to candy to apparel. And their jerky runs the gamut from mundane to exotic animals, hitting most letters of the alphabet from A through W. They even carry vegan jerky.

If you're in the mood for exotic and/or spicy. Or just weird (check out their insect section), it's worth a browse. You'll probably find something to enjoy, or at least intrigue you.


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