Family Fun ~ Breaktime Bowl & Bar ~ Pawtucket

Breaktime Bowl & Bar
Hope Artiste Village
999 Main St.
Suite 1330
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

My granddaughter's birthday was earlier this month, and we took her, her siblings, and some friends to Breaktime Bowl & Bar for duckpin bowling and pizza.

Breaktime is a bowling alley from the 1910s-20s that was installed in the then-active Hope Webbing Mill. The six original alleys are still there, along with human pin-setters, and ball returns by gravity. Unless you're three, and your ball doesn't quite make it down the lane. Then the pin-setter person will bring it back to you.

Now, this is duckpin bowling. The pins and balls are smaller than regular tenpin bowling, and you get three tries at the pins. The scoring is pretty much the same.

The bar is located on the third floor of Hope Artiste Village, on the side of the mill that houses Blaze Kitchen.

The staff didn't bat an eye at half a dozen nine and unders scooting around the two alleys we booked. They were completely laid back, friendly and helpful.

We ordered a couple of pizzas for lunch. They were rather pricey, at $14 for a 10 inch pie. But the four cheese pizza was amazing. Beautiful to look at, with a puffy, bubbly crust and weighed down with four different cheeses. It looked rustic and artisan, and tasted fantastic.

We set up on a table right behind our lanes. Shopkins are all the rage for eight year olds this year.

Seriously, this is so easy even the toddlers could do it. And they had a ball.

We had a great time, and will absolutely be back. In fact, Bear is considering it for her 21st birthday, which I'm sure will have a different vibe.


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