Dining ~ Antonio's Pizza by the Slice ~ Pawtucket

Antonio's Pizza
727 East Ave.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

So... wow. Had a really strange experience at Antonio's Pizza.

I took my daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren out for pizza. We were a large party, seven in all, with the four kids all under age nine.

The service was strangely spotty. Our server may have been new. Every visit to our table was like dealing with a different person. She seemed put upon to be servicing our table, then doted on the baby, then seemed confused that we'd want to place our dinner order, then solicitous about our experience.

We ordered appetizers of nachos and mozzarella bites, both of which were big hits, especially with the children. The guacamole was very good.

The kids ordered slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza from the children's menu. My son-in-law got sausage pizza, and I asked for a chicken parm calzone.

The kids seemed happy with their meals.

My son-in-law didn't care for the cut-up sausage on his pizza. He prefers loose sausage. But the real problem was my calzone.

When I first tasted it, I thought the chicken was off. It just didn't taste right. After my daughter and son-in-law both tried it, we realized that it wasn't the chicken that was the problem. It was that there was sausage in it. I should mention at this point that I've given up ground meats of all types. Yes, it's a kind of random thing to give up, but there you have it.

I asked the waitress if that was how they prepared the chicken parm, and she said yes. I remarked, "that's unusual," but shrugged it off as something I was unfamiliar with. She returned a few minutes later and apologized. I had been given the wrong calzone. There wasn't supposed to be sausage in it. She would ask the manager to take it off the bill.

The manager arrived a few minutes later and poked at the calzone a few times with a knife. "It's chicken, ma'am. It's breaded chicken. There's no sausage in there."

I pointed out, "Well, it tastes like sausage."

"It's chicken, ma'am," he told me, implacably.

My daughter, already impatient with the experience, asked for a box.

So the calzone sits in our fridge. We were charged for it, but it's unlikely anyone will eat it. It just tastes... wrong.

Between the spotty service, disappointing food, and the uncooperative manager, it's unlikely we'll go back.


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