Shop Local ~ Mother Mystic ~ Providence

Mother Mystic
179 Dean St.
Providence, Rhode Island

You don't have to be pagan to appreciate the healing power of herbs. After my car was stolen, I wasn't able to go to my usual "herb guy," and looked for something closer to home. I found it in Mother Mystic.

Susan, the proprietor, has a wide variety medicinal (and ritual) herbs in her shop, and I was able to find what I needed.

She also has a fun collection of crystals, clothing, jewelry and related items. I love browsing through the crystals as much for their beauty as for their properties.

I've been in a few times, and found Susan to be friendly and helpful. She usually has time to chat, and with the range and change of products in stock, there's always something new and fun to talk about.

Mother Mystic offers psychic readings, Reiki and hypnosis, and hosts community events, too.

If you're more the do-it-yourself type, or just want to learn more about things like herbalism, self-help, paganism, wicca or an array of other subjects, there's a good collection of books for sale as well.


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