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Awhile back, I joined a group of local bloggers called "Rhody Bloggers for Good." It was a collection of Rhode Island bloggers who would raise awareness of, participate in, or fundraise for, Rhode Island nonprofits' activities.

It was a great idea, to help our community and to build bonds among we bloggers. However, I wasn't able to participate in the only activity I saw for the group: a sit-a-thon.

When I checked on it last month, I saw that the website url is for sale and the Twitter account hasn't been used since November 2014.

I'd like to invite any and all Rhode Island bloggers to participate in reviving this idea!

It's still in the concept stage, but what I envision is much the same as the group that came before:

  • If we hear of a nonprofit doing an activity, fundraiser or event, we blog about it, tweet/FB/insta-stuff about it, and possibly send a contingent to participate.
  • If you object in some way to the endeavor, you don't have to participate.
  • If you're connected in some way to the endeavor (volunteer, board member, marketing, employee, etc.), great! 
  • If you choose to participate, you'd put a nifty badge on your site, and use the hashtag #RIBloggers4Good
  • Maybe have quarterly meetups each year, combined with a food or clothing drive. Remember meetups? They were so much fun!
That's it! The collaboration can be as big and busy or small and simple as the members want.

I'd love some feedback (and for someone with more talent than me to design the badge). Please respond in the comments or email me at iheartrhody [at] gmail.

Here's to good works!


  1. Hello,
    I am from RI Blogger and I would love to participate in this idea. We have numerous blogs that are dedicated to supporting and promoting the good happening here in RI! Let me know how to get involved...jennifer@riblogger.com Have a great day!

  2. Barnaby Castle on Broadway in Providence is being restored-certainly a good happening and destination for Providence -any interest please email me bunky2@cox.net


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