Dining ~ West Side Diner ~ Providence

West Side Diner
1380 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Stopped in at the West Side Diner for breakfast. It's an old-school diner - the real dining car deal. It's a 1947 Kullman company "Challenger" model. The diner originally opened as Poirier's Diner, down in Olneyville on Atwells Ave, where it operated under various names until closing in 1999.

The Poirer Diner in 1980, when it operated as The Sandwich Factory, courtesy Diner Hotline
After a few years in storage, the diner was moved to its current location at 1380 Westminster St., where it was refurbished and opened for business again in 2013.

I love the feel of the diner. It's still got all the Art Deco touches. Lots of chrome and steel, and I hear those are the original tiles. The staff already has the rhythm, is quick with recommendations and knowledgeable about the food.

On to the food...

I tried the Eggs Benedict, substitute bacon for Canadian, because that's my go-to breakfast litmus test.

The hollandaise was kind of disappointing - less lemony than I would have expected, but the bacon and eggs were cooked perfectly, and the English muffin was crisp. The hashbrowns were a little bland as well, but perked up with some salt. Honestly, I'd rather have to add salt than have too much cooked in.

I'd go back to the West Side Diner. It's a good spot for people watching, and authentic diner experience.

Have you been to the West Side Diner? How was your experience?


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