Holiday Cheer in Warwick

We took the grandbabies to the Picozzi Family Christmas display in Warwick last week. It was a terrific hit. The grownups, and kids from 8 to 18 months were transfixed and charmed by the light display set to music.

They were out of the car, dancing and clapping to "Dominick the Donkey," a family favorite. By the time "Let it Go" came around, we were back in the car, listening to the music on the family's radio station, 97.1 FM, which broadcasts 17 songs on a loop. The entire loop runs about an hour, and you'll hear "Let It Go" twice. If you've been "Frozen" out, as many adults have, you'll appreciate that they've truncated the song by cutting out the bridge. Still, the kids love it.

This year the family is collecting donations for the Rhode Island-based Tomorrow Fund. There's a donation box at the front of the display, and 100% of receipts go to the Fund.

It's a great gift to the community.


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