Read local ~ Menagerie of the Weird ~ J.L. Metcalf (Author), Frankie B. Washington (Illustrator)

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Just finished reading Menagerie of the Weird by J. L. Metcalf. It's a collection of short stories, definitely of the macabre.

Metcalf is a fluid writer, moving easily between first-person and third in her narration. Her stories encompass the human and supernatural. Occasionally they're humorous, but most often filled with blood and depravity.

Her works may remind you of Stephen King, with a little Poe and Lovecraft thrown in. They offer peeks into the minds of the disturbed, the evil, and the mad. No one is innocent and few are what they appear at first glance.

Metcalf doesn't pull punches with language or description. In the gritty worlds she creates, there's no room for either. Gleeful serial killers, mad scientist doctors, hired assassins, cannibals, and cultists aren't likely to bother with niceties.

If you enjoy that kind of read, you'll want to add this one to your collection. Those who are faint of heart should just move along.


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