Artists ~ Violet Drury ~ West Greenwich

Artist's name: Violet Drury
Business name: Violet Drury Designs
Twitter: @violetdrury

1. Tell us about your work
I design and handcraft jewelry, incorporating sterling silver with semi-precious
stones and cultured pearls. My style gives a nod to the past, but is thoroughly
modern. It is sought out by those that love delicate, evolving, handcrafted jewels.

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business? 
Well, it's pretty self explanatory! Honestly, I did not want to have to get a fictitious name!

3. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I handcrafted jewelry as a hobby and gave it to my six sisters for
Christmas one year. Friends began to purchase it as well, and encouraged me by hosting home shows. When I began to manage a fine arts and craft gallery in Santa Cruz, California, I was inspired by the many artists and creatives I met, who taught me that you don't need a degree to be a working crafts person; a dedication to your craft is the main qualification.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I draw inspiration from the colors of nature reflected in the gemstones and
in my environment. I love the Victorian and Edwardian eras of clothing and
jewels, and often find my work reflects that love, even though I don't really study
them or anything. Just something in my aesthetic seems to match those times!

5. What's your favorite item to create?
Hmmm...probably I am most satisfied when I create a necklace, especially a
new design that "works", or a really simple chain that just feels "right".

6. What's your best seller?
Earrings are my best sellers. I make them in so many different incarnations,
combining so many different stones. There is usually something for everyone!

7. How long have you been in Rhode Island?
I was born in RI, but left in 1985! I came back to be closer to family in 2013,
so in December I will have been back for 2 years.

8. What do you {heart} about Rhode Island?
I love RI! It has everything! Especially family!

9. Any advice for new/wannabe makers?
I think the best advice is the advice I was given that I expressed earlier:
be dedicated to your craft! Also, believe in yourself. Keep yourself motivated by
seeking out other artists/makers when you feel that being outside the box is scary. It is! But it's OK! You can do this!


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