Artists ~ Jessica Metcalf ~ Cranston

Artist’s name: JL Metcalf
Shop name: Juicey Creative Works
Twitter: @Juiceica2013
Facebook: JL Metcalf

1. Tell us about your work: 
I am an author and artist. I have self-published 3 books in the last year, "The Last Daughter of Lilith" (a Fantasy novel in the lines of "Harry Potter"), "Coming Undone" (a non-fiction piece) and "Menagerie Of The Weird" (a collection of short horror and sci-fi stories that ALL take place in Rhode Island!). I also make tote bags from t-shirts as well as photography and some bead work. My main passion is photography and being an author!

2. Is there a story behind the name of your business? 
A silly one! My nickname of Juiceica came about one day when a friend kept saying my name (Jessica) as Juice. It stuck and so I named my business "Juicey Creative Works" to reflect that nickname.

3. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer? 
As luck would have it, I was laid off in the summer of 2014 and my muse/boyfriend inspired me to finish my first novel (The Last Daughter Of Lilith) and to self-publish it. I had always wanted to be a writer and I've always been creative so it made sense to open an Etsy shop making the bags I'd been making for awhile and try to sell them along with my books and my photo notecards.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration? 
Life and my wonderful Muse, his name is Frankie and he makes awesome burgers.

5. What’s your favorite item to create? 
My books. I love writing and I love that now that I'm published, others can read my works. I'm very proud of them all.

6. What’s your best seller? 
I have had moderate success with all my items and have sold photos, books and tote bags on Etsy and at shows.

7. How long have you been in Rhode Island? 
My whole life!

8. What do you {heart} about Rhode Island? 
I should say the beaches because they are gorgeous (and I do love them) but I love the feel of RI, it's got this old-time New England vibe and it's FULL of creative people.

9. Any advice for new/wannabe makers? 
Make your stuff, get it out there and then PROMOTE the holy heck out of yourself. It's a lot of work to make your own business but it's totally satisfying.

10. Please include anything else you’d like to add: 
Thanks for the opportunity to be on your blog! I love Little Rhody and I'm proud to be one of it's crafty people. Come see me at Rhode Island Comic Con in November at the Providence Convention Center! I'll be there all weekend, Nov 6-8th.


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