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Looff Carousel
Slater Park
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Looff Carousel
Our first visit to Slater Park came during a search for a farmer's market on a Sunday. We didn't find what we'd hoped, but tired, grumpy children were quickly perked up by a visit to the carousel.

The inside of the barn is clean and attractive. It's simply furnished with a few souveniers, a ticket booth and a couple of old-time arcade games.
Ticket booth

Claw game

The tickets are very reasonable, and give the kids a fast ride on a stationary carousel (none of the animals go up and down). In fact, the carousel is said to be the fastest that Looff made.

The carousel was built by famed carousel maker Charles I.D. Looff in 1895 and installed at the park in 1910.

Another interesting feature is that the three dogs in its roster of ride animals, which are rare. It also boasts a camel, giraffe and lion.

Rare carousel dogs

I liked the real horsehair tails on many of the steeds, that seemed to emphasize the age of the ride. Not that it's a true indicator. The Looff carousel at Riverside is older and doesn't have the real horsehair tails.
Dogs and horses

Another interesting note is the formality of the artwork on the carousel. Rather than fun and fantastical scenes, we're treated almost to an art lesson from the Hudson Valley School.


Fishing off a bridge
When we visited, the carousel wasn't at all crowded, nicely shaded and relatively cool compared to the outdoors. It's definitely a nice way to while away a little time on a Sunday afternoon.


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