Eat Local ~ Ocean State Smoked Fish Company

Ocean State Smoked Fish Company
via Hope & Main

We first tried and enjoyed Ocean State Smoked Fish at EatDrinkRI Festival. Then, this past weekend, we stopped by the Schoolyard Market at Hope & Main and found them again.

Rhode Island Smoked Fish Salad (whitefish)
This was my favorite. The flavor is very smoky and the texture creamy. It's rich, and not for binge-eating, but for savoring. A little stringier than the bluefish pate, and wonderful on a cracker. Regular readers know that I'm not a fan of fish, but I liked this and bought some to take hom.

Bluefish Pate
The bluefish was fishier-tasting to me. However, Mommy liked it better than the whitefish. It has a smoother texture than the whitefish.

Salmon pate
This contained cilantro, so I passed on trying it. Mommy and Bear loved it.

They also sell straight smoked fish by the piece, which was a big hit with Mommy and Bear.

There was quite a debate on which flavor would come home with us. Ultimately, we took home some of the Smoked Fish Salad, since we all really liked it.

You can find them at farmer's markets like Hope & Main's, and at Tom's Market in Warren and Grapes & Gourmet in Jamestown.


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