Dining ~ One More Taco ~ Johnston

One More Taco
751 Hartford Ave.
Johnston, Rhode Island
(401) 260-6815

One More Taco

On a whim, my coworker and I decided to try out One More Taco. I'd read about it, and they were the recent recipient of the 2015 Best of RI - Tacos award from Rhode Island Monthly. The time was right for a taco run.

The building itself is tiny. I don't know what it might have been in a former life, but it's now a welcoming, clean, six-seater (if you're really friendly) storefront taco stand. There are a couple of picnic tables outside, but otherwise it's a taco-scented island in a lake of asphalt.

One More Taco interior by I {heart} Rhody

We got there about 1pm, and there were only a couple of people ahead of us. At the counter our greeting was friendly and welcoming. Our order was taken quickly and the wait was short.

I ordered an American (brisket, garlic crema, pico de gallo, lettuce and queso fresco) without pico, and a Smokey Pig (pulled pork, sour cream and cumin cabbage slaw, and pickled mustard seed).

Dos tacos by I {heart} Rhody

The American was fantastic. Flavorful meat, delicious cool crema, even the lettuce was remarkably fresh and tasted like lettuce, not cool, damp crunchy stuff. I liked the Smokey Pig, but not as well. The pickled mustard seed is a nice, tart touch, and the pulled pork is good, but the cabbage slaw just wasn't to my taste. I think I was expecting more of a barbecue flavor.

My co-worker ordered the Smoked Chipotle Chicken (topped with tomatillo sauce and pickled carrots) and the American, too. We shared a Carne Asada (marinated steak, Narragansett Creamery queso fresco, and pico de gallo).

American taco by I {heart} Rhody
This is the American with pico and onion

Carne Asada and Chicken tacos by I {heart} Rhody
Carne Asada and Smoked Chipotle Chicken tacos

My co-worker raved about both her tacos. We literally could not stop talking about how fresh the ingredients were.

And oh... the carne asada was amazing! Perfectly spiced and covered with queso fresco and pico, it was so good that I was able to pick off the tomatoes without complaint to get to the rest of it. (and I really hate tomatoes)

We finished by sharing a fish taco.

Fish taco by I {heart} Rhody

I'm not a fan of fish, but I really liked the blackened, non-greasy, un-fishy taste. It's a colorful, spicy treat, with a cool and refreshing slaw.

Chef came out to talk to us while we ate at one of the picnic tables. It's easy to see why the food is so good. He's passionate about making quality food and sourcing fresh local ingredients. He'd rather make a limited menu of really good stuff than have a laundry list of the mediocre.

When I saw my co-worker again on Tuesday, she told me that she had taken her family to One More Taco over the weekend. I laughed, since I, too, had gone to One More Taco, but tragically, it was closed on Sunday. It'll definitely be a regular stop for us, though.


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